Icarus Miniatures Unleash The Deadly Feral Nexus!

March 8, 2016 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures are still powering on as they develop their Sci-Fi game and the next miniature to hit the webstore soon is going to be the Feral Nexus. Anto, the mind behind the game, shared some of the render work that has gone into producing the final look for the models…

Feral Nexus

These are some awesome looking dynamic enemies who look in the midst of slaughter. I always liked the design of the Nexus in the world of Icarus and I think they’ve done a great job on bringing a dangerous and threatening looking alien to life. You can actually read some more fiction on the Feral Nexus HERE.

Feral Nexus #1

Feral Nexus #2

I can think of some amazing scenarios already when it comes to these models. I would love to have an Alliance patrol heading through an area considered safe only to stumble upon a scene of devastation as another patrol has been decimated. Suddenly the Feral Nexus burst from the wilderness and attack.

Feral Nexus #3

Feral Nexus #4

As said before I think that these poses are fantastic and they really help bring a level of dynamism and cinematic quality to the tabletop. I would love to see some dioramas built with this second Feral Grunt leaping at a soldier who is firing wildly in order to bring it down.

Pick up the downloads for the Icarus Project HERE too and give the game a go!

What do you think?

"I think they've done a great job on bringing a dangerous and threatening looking alien to life..."