A Pope & A Spectre Pop Up In Icarus Miniatures’ Sci-Fi Project

May 26, 2015 by brennon

Two more characters have been given the artwork and bio treatment by Icarus Miniatures for their self titled Sci-Fi game. See what you think of the skills of both Jesse Pope and Spectre who both look equally as dangerous on the battlefield…

Jesse Pope

First up we have the skilled brute force combat abilities of Jesse Pope…

Jesse Pope

“Pope was present for the last stand on Aros; his squad was placed on the northern perimeter of the stadium the 108th was holding, and when their position fell, they fought their way up to the top of the stadium, where they were picked up by the last transport, moments before Commander Hollick sacrificed himself and destroyed the stadium.”

In the game Pope is a tank-like character with a lot of health and armour. He also wields a light machine gun which enables him to lay down a nasty amount of fire onto the tabletop.


Things get a bit more ‘swag’ with Mr Spectre…


“Spectre is among the most skilled marksmen in the galaxy, and there are few who can match his prowess with a rifle. He regularly attends the competition circuit, earning quick and easy money in the shooting challenges. This has lead to him gathering somewhat of a fanbase, and he is never short of companions in-between jobs.”

Armed with a powerful sniper rifle he is almost unparalleled at long range and can hit targets on the roll of a 2+ in game. He is perfectly placed away from combat and with his scope trained on high value targets and other snipers.

Which would you rather trust in battle?

"Things get a bit more 'swag' with Mr Spectre..."

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