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Impudent Mortal Added A Run Down Gas Station To RUST Kickstarter

235 days ago 1

Now you can add a RUSTy Gas Station to your Wasteland with the latest backer inspired stretch goal from Impudent Mortal. The RUST Kickstarter is in its final three days, but there’s still time to snag these cool terrain pieces with adhesive transfers to finish them off.

New Scatter Terrain Added To Impudent Mortal’s RUST Kickstarter

237 days ago 1

Impudent Mortal has added some great new scatter terrain for their world of RUST on Kickstarter. RUST is in its final few days, but there’s still time to snag some fantastic post apocalyptic terrain for your table.

Fortify Your RUST Camp With A Bunker From Impudent Mortal’s KS

242 days ago 2

Impudent Mortal has been working on another stretch goal/backer suggested terrain piece for their post-apocalyptic world of RUST. They’ve come up with the fantastic bunker to add to the options.

Impudent Mortal Adds New Mat Options To Their RUST Kickstarter

243 days ago 0

If you prefer the look of game mats that do not have defined roads or paths on them, then Impudent Mortal has you covered with their latest pledge addition in the post-apocalyptic terrain Kickstarter, RUST.

Ork Up Your RUST Terrain From Impudent Mortal’s Kickstarter

251 days ago 3

Impudent Mortal’s latest terrain Kickstarter for the post apocalyptic world of RUST has just gained some Orky extras! Now you can Orkify your terrain to work into your 40K tables too.

A Quick Look At A Finished Build From Impudent Mortal’s RUST KS

252 days ago 4

Have a look at the fantastic RUST terrain Dawn has put together from the current Kickstarter from Impudent Mortal! The 28-35mm post apocalyptic terrain looks every bit as nice as the KS pictures once you put it together.

Weekender: Hawk Talks Dropfleet & Iron Maiden Unleashed!

Weekender: Hawk Talks Dropfleet & Iron Maiden Unleashed!

261 days ago 155

It’s time to get talking with Battlefront about Team Yankee and Hawk on Dropfleet!

Impudent Mortal’s Futuristic Wasteland World RUST Hits Kickstarter

263 days ago 8

The Post-Apocalyptic wasteland of RUST never looked so good! Impudent Mortal launched their latest Kickstarter today and it’s already funded.

More Great Terrain From Impudent Mortal’s Upcoming RUST KS

269 days ago 3

The postapocalyptic/dystopian world of RUST continues to get more interesting with each piece of creative terrain Impudent Mortal is teasing us with. The RUST Kickstarter launches on October 5th and will bring your tables to life with their creative take on pre-colored terrain.

Another Peek At Terrain For The RUST KS From Impudent Mortal

271 days ago 2

The post-apocalyptic world of RUST is heading our way next week, on October 5th, from Impudent Mortal. This week we’ve gotten a teaser peek at the six-piece tank set and a fantastic playmat to set your scene perfectly.

A Big Rusty Crane Is On The Way To Impudent Mortal’s RUST

279 days ago 5

What post apocalyptic world wouldn’t look cooler without a huge rusty crane to fight over? That’s what Impudent Mortal thought too, which is why they made sure to include one in their upcoming RUST Kickstarter that launches October 5th.

Impudent Mortal Announces Upcoming RUST Kickstarter

283 days ago 7

Impudent Mortal is bringing an exciting new project to Kickstarter on October 5th – RUST.

Impudent Mortal Running A $100 Voucher Give Away

335 days ago 3

Who wouldn’t love to add some amazing new terrain to their collection? Make sure you’ve “liked” the Impudent Mortal FB page and you will be entered in a drawing for $100 in free product from their store!

Custom Templates Unlocked For Tiles Of Adventuring

474 days ago 2

Impudent Mortal has unlocked a clever stretch goal, as asked for by their backers- templates! The Tiles of Adventuring: Tabletop Grid System has unlocked templates for Savage Worlds and Pathfinder, that can be added onto your pledge to further customize your game.

New Hex Tiles Added To Tabletop Grid System Kickstarter

486 days ago 4

Impudent Mortal has made it even easier to tailor your game maps to whatever kind of game you’d like to play. They’ve added new tile options to their innovative, Tiles of Adventuring: Tabletop Grid System, including hex shaped tiles with hex grids.