Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter Coming In February!

January 16, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

IM warehouse1

If you have had the urge to create an urban table for your miniature gaming, then Impudent Mortal may have exactly what the doctor ordered! They are going to Kickstarter with their 5th project in February with a fantastic array of MDF terrain to outfit a gritty, urban table with their Warehouse District Terrain project!

IM warehouse2

This project is comprised of all kinds of good stuff, including 4 main buildings and lots of cool extras including catwalks, AC ductwork, water towers, bill boards, skylights and lots of extra scatter terrain! The more you look at these pieces, the more potential you can see for what kind of table you can put together with this!

IM Warehouse3

IM warehouse4

Perhaps the most clever aspect of this project is their consideration for being able to game on various levels in the terrain, from the streets to the rooftops. Players can scale the levels of the buildings or cross the rooftops with the catwalks and AC ductwork system. The sky is the limit with this kind of diversity in terrain pieces.

IM Kickstarter water towersIM billboard3IM Kickstarter scatter

And because this is not Impudent Mortal’s first rodeo, they have a proven track record with managing Kickstarters successfully. Knowing this, a great tip to keep in mind is pledging early, as they send out rewards based upon when people pledged. For additional information on the Kickstarter and a closer look at what will be included in the project, be sure to look up on Facebook and join their Countdown to Impudent Mortal’s Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter event page.

IM Kickstarter skylightsIM Kickstarter catwalksIM Kickstarter ductwork

Will you be gaming in the Warehouse District with this Kickstarter?