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Weekender XLBS: Building Army Background & Making Models Your Own

Weekender XLBS: Building Army Background & Making Models Your Own

554 days ago 61

It’s time to relax with some news from the Beast this week and also a big discussion building army background and making that army your own…

West Wind Send In The Droptroopers For Weird World War Incursion

557 days ago 9

West Wind are building on their Incursion range with a whole bunch of Drop Troopers coming in for the Germans. There are some rather awesome models in these sets so it could be worth picking these up for other Weird World War games too…

A New Sculpt Drops Into Incursion

1425 days ago 3

Grindhouse Games’ board game Incursion enjoyed a great level of success over on Kickstarter and now we are seeing some of the fruits of their labours. Check out the awesome new sculpts for the Incursion Drop Troopers.

Grindhouse Games Provide a Glimpse of the Fallschirmjager

1462 days ago 3

A new piece of artwork has popped up on Grindhouse Games’ Kickstarter for the weird world war board game Incursion. Check out the ever deadly Fallschirmjager MG-42!

Howl At The Moon With Incursion’s Kickstarter Stretch Goal

1473 days ago 6

Will you be howling at the moon and grabbing some of the additional bits and pieces unlocked through stretch goals for Incursion?

Grindhouse's Incursion Finally Takes To Kickstarter!

Grindhouse’s Incursion Finally Takes To Kickstarter!

1481 days ago 23

Incursion has finally hit Kickstarter and
there is plenty to go and check out.
See what you think of whats on offer
and drop us a comment below!

Grindhouse Preview More Artwork For Incursion

1485 days ago 2

Check out more from the world of Incursion thanks to Grindhouse Games.

The Incursion Comes Closer From Grindhouse

1492 days ago 13

Check out some additions to the Incursion line from Grindhouse Games.

Grindhouse Games Show Off The Final Incursion Cover Art

1498 days ago 6

Check out some of the finished artwork for the world of Incursion!

Grindhouse Games Presents More Incursion Previews

1517 days ago 6

Grindhouse Games are continuing to release new art pieces to whet our appetites for the coming Incursion Kickstarter, with the latest pieces taking the style of grindhouse movie posters.

Get a Look at What's Coming From Grindhouse Games

Get a Look at What’s Coming From Grindhouse Games

1518 days ago 3

A while back we found out that Grindhouse Games
were planning on relaunching Incursion, their awesome
board game based in Secrets of the Third Reich. Well
now we have been given a few rough dates for the
coming Kickstarter, as well as some pieces of cool
concept art.

Grindhouse Announces an Incursion of Kickstarter!

1532 days ago 8

Incursion, the claustrophobic board game set in the rich world of Secrets of the Third Reich, has long been a favourite game of mine and now my excitement is reaching fever pitch as Grindhouse have announced they are relaunching it on Kickstarter!

Grindhouse Get Roasting Zombies in Incursion

1537 days ago 2

Secrets of the Third Reich is possibly my favourite Weird World War game and its tie-in board game Incursion is also a personal favourite. So I am really excited to hear that the monster hunters of MI-13 might soon be heating things up.

Incursion Panzerraffe

2282 days ago 3

With the official launch of Incursion SNAFU, the guys at Grindhouse have posted a picture of the painted Panzerraffe!

New Incursion Bazooka APE

2305 days ago 1

Here’s the latest APE model for the Incursion boardgame from Grindhouse Games… plus a little extra…