Pre-Order offer for Incursion SNAFU

April 23, 2011 by beerogre

Westwind Productions have revealed a limited time offer for the launch of the new Incursion boardgame expansion… SNAFU!

Here’s what they have to say…

Pre-sale ends here, Monday 9th May. Orders ship mid June 2011. Deal contains the new 64 page expansion book and all 12 new miniatures: 6 Sturmzombies, Blitzhund MKII, Bazooka APE, Drohne, The Hurricane, the massive Panzeraffe, and the truly massive Gracie. Retail price on all this is £87.50. The preorder special gets you the whole shebang for £70.00 and gets your stuff shipped to you at the earliest possible moment.

If you’ve not played Incursion yet, it’s a great boardgame. This new expansion will bring a number of new miniatures and rules into play. I’m a big fan of Secrets of the Third Reich, which is te tabletop game Incursion is based on.

But what do you think guys?

BoW Andy

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