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Test Your Skills On The Gorilla Mech From Industria Mechankia

109 days ago 9

Continuing a tradition of creating awesome looking Mecha Industria Mechanika has now added the Gorilla by Ben Mauro to its webstore for you to tinker with.

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M

161 days ago 64

We’ve somewhat recovered from The Walking Dead: All Out War Boot Camp and will be diving into our thoughts on the game and much more besides!

Industria Mechanika’s Knight Locks N’ Loads For Combat

163 days ago 10

Industria Mechanika makes some rather wonderful looking miniatures for the tabletop and The Knight is no different. Fancy tinkering on your own 1/35 scale Mech for use on the tabletop?

Industria Mechanika Tinker With 1:1 Scrap Goblins!

165 days ago 6

Industria Mechanika have teamed up with Adrian Smith to sculpt up some of their Scrap Goblins that are in 1:1 scale which is neat to see!

Get Ready For Industria Mechanika’s Zero Mech!

633 days ago 11

If you like the Weird World War theme and Japanese fighter planes then you’ll certainly want to check out Industria Mechanika’s Mitutake Nishimura Zero which is going to be available very soon indeed…

Industria Mechanika Put Adrian Smith’s Mushroom Goblin Up For Pre-Order!

814 days ago 5

Set yourself a massive project this year with the coming of the Mushroom Goblin from Industria Mechanika!

Industria Mechanika Prepare Pre-Orders For The Chrononaut

1299 days ago 2

See what you think of this rather amazing looking figure from Industria Mechanika. It might be a little bit pricey by it would be worth having this on your mantlepiece.