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Kickstarters And Quakers On The Cards For Infamy

24 days ago 4

James Griffiths, the owner and lead designer of Infamy, has published a video showing off some of the plans for the coming year, taking us back to the Big Smoke and possibly beyond.

Infamy Show Off Their Clanking Steampunk Quaker Bot

38 days ago 2

Infamy shows off a rather awesome Steampunk creation as they preview some render work on their Quaker Robot for use in your tabletop escapades.

Last Chance For Tara Infamy One Shot Through Kickstarter Late Pledge

251 days ago 3

Time is running out to get in on the late pledge for Captain Tara Kurkova from Infamy Miniatures One Shot #3 Kickstarter. Pledge closes Friday, September 2nd.

Warsenal Construct A New Cosmica Building For Gen Con

264 days ago 6

Warsenal release the Cosmica Jurisdictional Control Building, another new terrain set fro the tables of Infinity at this year’s Gen Con.

June Releases Hit the Infamy Webstore

308 days ago 2

The steampunk world of Infamy is continuing to grow as a selection of new miniatures get released onto the Infamy Miniatures Webstore.

Infamy Go Sci-Fi Thanks To A Mini Kickstarter

314 days ago 1

Infamy Miniatures have headed back to Kickstarter to get the funds for a special new 54mm scifi miniature, the United Soviet States recon trooper Captain Tara Kurkova.

Infamy Announces Limited Quantity Of The Dangerous Hannah Mullet

420 days ago 5

Infamy Miniatures announced the arrival of their February/March release for Welcome To The Big Smoke, Ms. Hannah Mullet. This 32mm, steampunk gal is undoubtedly a tough one.

Frank Hyde Smashes Out Of Infamy’s Webstore

466 days ago 3

Infamy Miniatures recently redesigned the twisted creation of Frank Hyde and have now once again unleashed him on the unsuspecting public of London.

Infamy Miniatures Announces New Goblin Kickstarter

491 days ago 10

Infamy Miniatures has a new mini Kickstarter going to help bring a new miniature to life, their Goblin!

Infamy’s Mighty Machines Are Ready to Bust Heads

546 days ago 4

Infamy Miniatures have recently shown off a picture featuring two of their world’s most magnificent pieces of machinery; Mr Kingdom and the Suppressor.

Infamy’s Goblin Chieftain Rides to War

553 days ago 8

Infamy have finished sculpting up their Goblin Chieftain and are showing off their final sculpt before they send him out into the world.

The Big Brother Stalks Infamy’s Smoggy Streets

570 days ago 5

Infamy Miniatures are currently working on fulfilling their Kickstarter promises, but once that is done we can expect to have the robotic Big Brother come stalking out of the smog.

Infamy Give Their Dr Jekyll a New Look

572 days ago 5

In a steampunk world full of mad scientists, Infamy’s Henrietta Jekyll is certainly an interesting take on an old formula. Now it seems that the good doctor is getting a make over as a new version of her model will be released later in the year.

Infamy Move To Fantasy With A Goblin Chieftain

585 days ago 4

Infamy have taken a step away from the steampunk streets of the Big Smoke to come up with something a bit more fantastical in the form of a Goblin Chieftain.

New Infamy Model Gets Bundled With Steampunk Oddities

656 days ago 6

Infamy have shown off another upcoming model by Stéphane Camosseto. See what you think of this odd little fellow below who is still a little way off but looks like the perfect sidekick for someone else. What do you think?