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Infamy Print Out A Pile Of Minis


Infamy have printed out a bunch of large scale models of their upcoming releases, letting us get an idea of how they will look as finished minis.

Infamy’s Finished Wolf Rider Makes Its Digital Debut


Infamy have shown off a digital model of their finished Wolf Rider miniature.

What Serpentine Creature Have Infamy Sketched?


Infamy have shown off a new piece of concept art, featuring a sinister masked figure and their serpentine ally.

Infamy Prepare Their Goblin Wolf Rider For Printing


Infamy have announced they are hoping to have ten new models ready to print before running their Infamy: Collectors Kickstarter, and have shown off the finished render of the Goblin Wolf Rider.

See The Dark Side With Jekyll & Hyde Busts By Infamy


Infamy Miniatures continue to add to their world of the weird with some new busts for collectors and painters. Here we have the twin sides of Jekyll & Hyde…

Infamy Preview A Brutal Bear Of A Miniature


Infamy have shown off the prints for a brutal 54mm fantasy figure named Bear.

Trudy May Blasts Off With Infamy’s Print


Infamy have shown off the new 3D print of their newest character Trudy May.

Infamy Show Off The Progress On Their Goblin Wolf Rider


Infamy have shown off some of the progress sculptor James Cain has made on the upcoming Goblin Wolfrider model.

Spring-Heeled Jack Leaps Through The Infamy Streets


New concept art has appeared suggesting that the legendary Spring-Heeled Jack may soon come to terrorise Infamy.

A Goblin Takes Its Wolf For A Ride Through Infamy Miniatures


Infamy Miniatures are working on their fantasy range and have just published a preview showcasing the early stage of their next sculpt.