Infamy Blast Out Views of Their Infamous Brown Note Gun

August 3, 2014 by dracs

Over on the Kickstarter, Infamy Miniatures recently announced what has to be their most disgusting creation to date. Now a couple of renders have appeared, showing off the infamous Chimps and their delightful Brown Note Gun.

Brown Note Gun

Brown Note Gun Side

Brown Note Gun Top Down View

Brown Note Gun Back

Disgusting as the weapon may be, combined with its partner chimp who scoops up the results to fire them back, the sculpt looks fantastic. There is a huge degree of detail and character to each of the weapon operators, making them stand out even from the other steampunk apes of Uncle John’s menagerie. There is even a little drop, glistening on the nozzle of the crap cannon!

Does this sculpt tempt you into chipping into the Kickstarter, or do you just want to go get a sick bag?