Infamy Engineer the Rise of Mr Kingdom

January 20, 2015 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have a new render to show off as work progresses on the creation of Mr Kingdom and in walking mechanical marvel!

Mr Kingdom

This character for Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke, is based upon one of the most influential engineers of Britain’s industrial era, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose notable works include the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Great Western Railway, as well as helping his father with the construction of the Thames Tunnel, which almost killed him.

It seems Mr Kingdom has turned his engineering genius elsewhere in the world of Infamy and has created an incredible mech that stands out even among other such steampunk contraptions. I particularly like the little details, such as the flaring of the pipes or the small lion statue that can be seen poking out behind his leg.

Do you think Mr Kingdom could help you shake up the industrial world of Infamy?