Infamy Print Out A Pile Of Minis

August 25, 2017 by dracs

Infamy have printed out a bunch of large scale models of their upcoming releases, letting us get an idea of how they will look as finished minis.

The first of these is Trudy May.

Trudy Print

Trudy May is a miniature with a ton of character to her, right down to the expression on her face. You can tell she’s having fun while zipping around the rooftops.

Following on from her, we have a box full of figures.

Infamy Prints

The Jekyll and Hyde busts are without a doubt the pieces I am most excited to see.

That villainous pair are my favourite characters of gothic horror (I did my dissertation on the book) and I am determined to pick them up when they appear to try my hand at doing them justice.

Which of these minis has you most excited?

"You can tell she's having fun while zipping around the rooftops."