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TAG Deathmatch - Get the Rules Free

TAG Deathmatch! Try it Yourself with Free Rules

2 days ago 25

Want to try TAG Deathmatch?
Then Get the FREE rules PDF.

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Sunday

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Sunday

2 days ago 203

It’s Sunday and that means big games today at the Boot Camp! The attendees are going to be using their full Infinity boxed sets alongside their TAGs and playing some awesome games on our tables.

Infinity Boot Camp: Saturday

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Saturday

4 days ago 266

The Boot Camp team grab their armies and start the fighting today as they learn the basics of the rules in Infinity and then begin to look at expanding their force with some more models and a few more intricate rules.

Infinity Day 1 Live Blog Cover v2

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Friday

4 days ago 268

Attendees gather their armies and start working on building their teams for a weekend of awesome gaming.

VLOG: Lo-Fi Filming Update + Demigods Evolution Competition First Details

5 days ago 23

The cameras are all in use for filming so we’ve improvised for our latest update. We also have details on a Demigods Evolution demo game and competition PLUS what exactly is Sam up to in Japan?!?!

VLOG: Infinity Boot Camp Finishing Touches + New Show

6 days ago 31

With the Infinity Boot Camp only days away our gaming tables (including Warren’s mighty, large…tower) only need a few finishing touches. Plus the studio is in use for the filming of a new series and themed week…

Infinity Sneak Peek: Yan Huo Invincibles - Heavy Support Fire Regiment

Infinity Sneak Peek: Yan Huo Invincibles – Heavy Support Fire Regiment

8 days ago 16

We’ve got another awesome Sneak Peek from Corvus Belli for the world of Infinity and this time it’s a miniature for Yu Jing. See what you think of the Yan Huo Invincibles with some very big guns!

Weekender XLBS: Future Boot Camps & Upcoming 40k Content!

Weekender XLBS: Future Boot Camps & Upcoming 40k Content!

11 days ago 164

Welcome to a Saturday edition of
The Weekender XLBS where
we’re talking about the
Boot Camps, Upcoming
Content (Warhammer
40,000!) and more…

Another American Tease For Infinity Pops Up

11 days ago 4

The folks over at Infinity have been laying down a few more teasers for their upcoming releases. These images popped up on Facebook giving you a hint as to what is coming next…

VLOG: Prepare To Enter The Warzone (Resurrection)!

13 days ago 125

It’s the middle of the week so time for another update from BoW HQ. The Infinity Boot Camp tables are coming together for our guests!

Draw Your Bow & Take A Shot With Infinity’s Hardcases

14 days ago 17

Sometimes you want to be as silent as possible when you’re taking out your enemies and the Hardcases, 2nd Irregular Frontiersmen Battalion of Ariadna are some of the best. See what you think of them going all Hunger Games with Tactical Bows at the ready from Infinity…

Antenocitis Workshop Build More Of The Urban Jungle For Infinity

15 days ago 2

Antenocitis Workshop have put together another grand collection of terrain for you to use in your games of Infinity. It’s all well and good having grand buildings but this kind of terrain helps provide a bit of life to your tabletop. It also makes good cover!

Infinity Arachne: Learning How To Hack With ALEPH's Scylla

Infinity Arachne: Learning How To Hack With ALEPH’s Scylla

20 days ago 4

It’s time to learn about the
newest Hacker for ALEPH
known as Scylla.

Wartrader takes us through
the various strengths to adding
her into your force when playing
Infinity and also some of her
weaknesses too.

The Data Sphere Get A Look At New Infinity Combined Army Support Pack

20 days ago 6

Another addition to the world of Infinity has been spotted by The Data Sphere and they give us a look at the new Combined Army Support Pack featuring the affectionately titled Dr. Worm and his Drones..

VLOG – Infinity Boot Camp Tables Take Shape

20 days ago 52

As we gear up for the Infinity Boot Camp we’re starting to see the tables take shape with a Forest Research Base which is looking stunning. Matt from MiniWargaming will be on The Weekender this week too!