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Antenocitis Make an Oriental Garden in Infinity

3 days ago 6

Antenocitis Workshop have revealed their April releases for Infinity, adding some new terrain pieces to help make your city boards of the future.

Exclusive! Check Out The New PlastCraft ColorED Terrain For Infinity

6 days ago 16

See what you make of these amazing looking pre-coloured terrain pieces for use with Infinity thanks to PlastCraft Games’ new range called ColorED.


Infinity Sneak Peek: Tiger Soldier With Boarding Shotgun

7 days ago 15

We’ve got an awesome sneak peek at the Tiger Soldier with Boarding Shotgun for Yu Jing! This is a massive update on the original sculpt so check it out…

Lay Down Covering Fire With Infinity’s PanOceania Aquila Guard

11 days ago 21

Lock n’ load with the Aquila Guard toting a HMG for the PanOceania faction in Infinity. Once again the paint job is by the masterful Angel Giraldez.

Roar Like A Wildcat As Infinity Shows Off New Yu Jing Tiger Soldier

12 days ago 8

It’s time to hear the Tiger Soldiers of Yu Jing roar as they get an updated look thanks to new concept art from Infinity.

Find Out More About The ITS Freelance Killer Le Muet For Infinity

17 days ago 9

Lock and load, pay his wages and get ready for everything to go wrong as the new ITS 2015 model Le Muet is revealed with full rules and a nice look at the model.

Infinity Tabletop Analysis Episode 08 – Awesome Sci-Fi Future Square

18 days ago 3

In our final episode of Infinity Tabletop Analysis Warren, Mike and Carlos save perhaps the best for last; an awesome table by Scenery Planet made specifically for games of Infinity.

Infinity's Awesome March 2015 Releases!

Infinity’s Awesome March 2015 Releases

27 days ago 6

It’s time to check out the awesome new releases from Infinity this month that include a whole range of amazing units and characters that will begin to add to your ever growing collection…

INFINITY Sneak Peek: Special Deterrance Group Azra'il!

INFINITY Sneak Peek: Special Deterrance Group Azra’il!

32 days ago 16

We’ve received another awesome packet of intel from the folks at Corvus Belli for Infinity and the focus of it this time is the Special Deterrance Group Azra’il!

An awesome sound unit with a rich past allowing you
to go crazy with the look and design of the armour.

Take The Fighting Inside With PlastCraft’s TME Corridors!

33 days ago 6

You can now take your fighting inside out of the elements with this set of TME Corridors coming very soon from PlastCraft Games for use with their Designed For Infinity range. Take a closer look within!

The Safety Is Off! Authorised Bounty Hunter Revealed For Infinity

33 days ago 19

The Authorised Bounty Hunter for Infinity has got a new assignment as she mounts up with a new model coming soon to retail.


Check Out The Sleek PanO Akalis Sikh Commandos For Infinity

34 days ago 4

Angel Giraldez has put his masterful artistic talents to good use once again and painted up a rather superb looking PanO Akalis Sikh Commando for the world of Infinity.

Infinity Arachne: Tips & Tricks For Using Triangulated Fire

41 days ago 3

Learn the tricks of the trade in another installment of Infinity Arachne where we check out how to use Triangulated Fire to great effect on the battlefield!

Antenocitis Get You Kitted Out With Infinity Terrain & Gaming Aids

47 days ago 5

Scatter terrain, objectives, cool exploding bikes (ok just me there) and gaming aids are the Infinity flavour of the month from Antenocitis Workshop!

Infinity Arachne: Are You Prepared For ITS 2015?

Infinity Arachne: Are You Prepared For ITS 2015?

47 days ago 2

The Rules Pack for ITS 2015 is out and
our Infinity maestro wartrader takes a
look at what’s inside the pack and walks
you through each of the new missions
as well as a few other changes for the
tournament scene.