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Modiphius Shows Off A New Infinity RPG Character

2 days ago 10

Modiphius have shown off another teaser for the Infinity RPG, a new character that you can play as in the game. With that in mind their Pre-Kickstarter survey is also up for you to go and have your say on…

Ariadna Airborne Rangers Dropping Into Infinity Soon

6 days ago 20

The USAriadna are going to be getting some more Airborne Rangers soon for Infinity. Sin Petaca 2.0 over on Twitter showed off the concept artwork and renders for this new model and he looks like he fits the gruff bill that the Americans have set out…

Unboxing: Infinity Ariadna Scots Guards

10 days ago 14

Justin and Killian return to the Ariadna of Infinity as they tackle The Scots Guards 6th Caledonian Infantry Regiment. These guys are packing lots of heat, makes sense as they’re the Scottish sectorial army’s fireteam.

Eleven Tree Designs Revamp Their Infinity Tokens

13 days ago 5

Eleven Tree Designs have revamped their Infinity Tokens, a pretty neat set as well, and hopefully they will pop up in their webstore before too long! Would you use these in your games?

Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!

Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!

16 days ago 13

This week in Infinity Arachne we’re looking at
the kind of tokens you need for your games of
Infinity and where to get them.

There’s quite a variety out there so come and
have a look at some basics and maybe more
advanced options too…

Unboxing: Infinity Yu Jing JSA Support Pack

17 days ago 10

Justin and Killian take a look at the Yu Jing JSA Support Pack for Infinity. A useful set of miniatures for the Japanese Sectorial Army and players who wish to get some specialists into their faction.

Antenocitis Fire Up A Revamped Command Desk For Infinity

23 days ago 6

Antenocitis Workshop continue to supply terrain towards their Designed For Infinity range with a revamped Command Desk which you could put inside any number of their structures as a key objective during your games…

Unboxing: 4Ground’s SAGA Arabic Rural Dwelling #1

23 days ago 6

We have a look at another great looking building from 4Ground. This time around it’s the Arabic Rural Dwelling #1 from their SAGA range, a building that can transcend any time and genre for use in many games.

Go From Badlands To Tundra With Antenocitis’ Bases

24 days ago 3

Antenocitis have a range of new base sizes available for use with Infinity. Both the Badlands and Snow & Ice are now part of the Designed For Infinity range with sizes ranging from 25mm up to 55mm…

Unboxing: Infinity Ariadna Dog-Warriors

24 days ago 17

Justin is joined by our resident Infinity expert Killian to look at a pair of Ariadna’s beastly Dog-Warriors who come in both their human, Dogface, and more monstrous forms.

Check Out The INFINITY Gen Con ’15 Seminar VIDEO INSIDE!

26 days ago 36

UPDATE: Video Added – We are fortunate enough to have the slides and VIDEO! from the Infinity Gen Con 2015 seminar that was held over the weekend! There’s lots to check out including more from the Infinity RPG!!!

New Infinity Strikes For August!

New Infinity Models Strike For August!

27 days ago 29

Corvus Belli are back for more this August
with another wave of releases for Infinity.

Ariadna, Nomads, Yu Jing and ALEPH
all get themselves something new…

VLOG: What Is Lloyd Up To?

30 days ago 19

While Warren is away everyone else is working hard, including Lloyd who is working on something secret but just what is it?

Meanwhile Killian has joined Justin in the studio for some filming…

Infinity Arachne: Hacking For Fun & Profit - Part One

Infinity Arachne: Hacking For Fun & Profit – Part One

30 days ago 13

In this episode of Infinity
Arachne we’re going to be
looking at how to use those
Hackers in your force effectively.

If you’re looking for some
tips and tricks then delve in…

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

34 days ago 112

We’ve got loads for you this
weekend including a
deeper look at
DreadBall AND
preparations for
Gen Con 2015!