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Grab The Infinity RPG Quick Start Rules & Begin Exploring

1 day ago 2

Modiphius have added the Infinity RPG Quick Start Rules to DriveThruRPG so you can head on over now and download them for free. This is just a taster of what’s to come and you might see a few tweaks and changes down the road but it’s a good place to get stuck in…

Warsenal Releases Limited Edition Unit Markers For Infinity

2 days ago 4

Warsenal is producing some impressive accessories for Infinity and now there is going to be some limited edition markers.

Warsenal Releases New Terrain For USAriadna Comanche Set

4 days ago 4

Warsenal continues to add to the impressive USAriadna Comanche terrain set.

Warsenal Take Infinity To Badlands & Snowy Tundra

13 days ago 6

Two new lines of products are up on the Designed For Infinity section of the Warsenal website. If you’re looking to base your miniatures in either the Badlands or Snow & Ice then you’re going to be in luck…

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet

14 days ago 72
The Infinity Releases For September Hit!

The Infinity Releases For September Hit!

15 days ago 26

There are some amazing sculpts in here
of models both new and old. If you’re a
big fan of specialists then you have
some really fun options open to you…

Fighting for Haqqislam we have the
Hunzakut who are a pivotal part
of the faction.

Great Rewards Unlocked For The Infinity RPG Kickstarter

21 days ago 3

The Infinity RPG from Modiphius is powering on and unlocking more and more stretch goals as time goes by. With that in mind take a look at what’s been unlocked so far…

Modiphius’ Infinity RPG Kickstarter Begins!

23 days ago 18

The Infinity RPG Kickstarter has launched from Modiphius allowing you to take on the world built by Corvus Belli in an entirely new way. With a the 2D20 system under its belt and a wealth of background to draw on this could be a great Sci-Fi adventure…

Check Out The New Antenocitis Rides From Tucuxi Designed For Infinity

28 days ago 16

If you’re going to be taking to the streets in Infinity then you’re going to need one hell of a hot Sci-Fi ride. See what you think of these new vehicles by the Tucuxi Company distributed by Antenocitis Workshop for your gaming tables…

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

28 days ago 84

Another great week in the
tabletop gaming world and
we’re here to chat about
some interesting Games
Workshop digital games
and new Kickstarters too…

Get Set For An Infinity Deathmatch Thanks To Customeeple

29 days ago 5

Customeeple are getting you ready for a bit of a deathmatch, an Infinity deathmatch to be precise. Their new set contains all the Ammo Drop Markers & Upgrades you’ll need plus Respawn Locations for a full on first-person shooter style fight.

Set Up Base In Micro Art Studios' Infinity Habitat Station & Tower

Set Up Base In Micro Art Studios’ Infinity Habitat Station & Tower

31 days ago 12

If you’re looking for some huge skyline dominating
buildings for your Infinity tables then see what you
think of the Habitat Station and Tower from
Micro Art Studios…

Modiphius Launching Infinity RPG Kickstarter This Week

32 days ago 18

Modiphius have announced that the Infinity RPG will be on Kickstarter this week launching on either Wednesday or Thursday (9th or 10th of September). Another announcement will follow when they know when it’s going to go live but for fans of Infinity this is going to be a good week…

Impudent Mortal Launches Entry Level 15-28mm Terrain Kickstarter

38 days ago 7

Impudent Mortal has brought a fantastic new project to Kickstarter to help gamers outfit their tables with a great variety of terrain without breaking the bank. Their Entry Level 28mm & 15mm Terrain System project is live right now with four different themes that are sure to be useful for gamers.

Modiphius Shows Off A New Infinity RPG Character

44 days ago 10

Modiphius have shown off another teaser for the Infinity RPG, a new character that you can play as in the game. With that in mind their Pre-Kickstarter survey is also up for you to go and have your say on…