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Infinity Arachne: Dasyus & Makaul N3 Update Analysis!

In the wake of the news about Infinity Army 5.0 and the updates to the profiles being available for ITS next year our Infinity Guru takes a closer look at the changes we’ve seen from N2 to N3 with the Dasyus and Makaul. Read on!

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November 19 2014 Featured Infinity SciFi

ITS 2015 Updates Troop Profiles To 3rd Ed For Free!

Infinity News! ITS 2015 Updates Troop Profiles To 3rd Ed For Free!

Corvus Belli they have announced for ITS 2015 the new Infinity Army 5.0 program will launch with all the
profiles for Infinity 3rd Edition for free!

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November 16 2014 Featured Infinity SciFi

Infinity Tabletop Analysis Ep 04

Infinity Tabletop Analysis Episode 04 – The Space Station

In this episode of Infinity Tabletop Analysis, we check out an awesome looking space station table, that snipers will just hate!

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November 14 2014 Featured Infinity SciFi Tabletop Analysis

INFINITY Sneek Peek: NEW Combined Army Starter Pack!

INFINITY Sneak Peek: NEW Combined Army Starter Pack!

Time for another sneak peek from
the guys at Infinity!

This month we’ve been sent images of the brand
spanking new Combined Army Starter Pack,
and it’s looking like a really cool set!

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November 14 2014 Featured Infinity SCI FI Wargaming SciFi

An Introduction To Forward Base From Antenociti’s Workshop

Check out some more of the terrain and a great introduction video for Antenociti’s Workshop and their Forward Base Kickstarter.

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November 12 2014 Antenocitis Workshop Infinity Kickstarter News Painting & Hobby SciFi Terrain

Infinity Arachne: The Hac Tao Evolution!

This time on Infinity Arachne we’ll be discussing the deadly Hac Tao who is going through quite the evolution from 2nd Edition to N3! See what you think of the changes within…

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November 12 2014 Featured Infinity SciFi

Antenocitis Generate Power With Their Forward Base Kickstarter

Antenocitis Workshop are gearing towards a Kickstarter to create their first fully themed set for Infinity called Forward Base and have just shown off the most recent addition in the form of a power generator.

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November 11 2014 Antenocitis Workshop Infinity News Painting & Hobby

Pack Up a TAG in Antenociti’s New Infinity Crate

TAGs are a major part of Infinity, and now you can ship more out in Antenocitis Workshop’s new TAG crate.

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November 9 2014 Antenocitis Workshop Infinity News Painting & Hobby

55K Likes Challenge - Win Two 300 Point Infinity Armies!

55K Likes Challenge Complete! Winner Announced Soon!

In the wake of an amazing Infinity 3rd Edition Week we set you a 55k Likes Challenge on our Facebook page and we’ve now hit that total! The winner will be announced Saturday 15th November 2014!

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November 7 2014 Featured Infinity SciFi

Micro Art Studio Drive Their Crovan SUV Into Infinity

Micro Art Studio’s have come out with something a little different for their next Infinity terrain piece; a Crovane SUV to get about those big city streets.

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November 6 2014 Infinity Micro Art Studio News Painting & Hobby SciFi

Infinity Role-Playing Game Revealed From Modiphius!

Infinity is going to be hitting the tabletop as an entirely different beast next year! As well as 3rd Edition to look forward to you will also have the role-playing game from Modiphius too!

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October 31 2014 Featured Infinity Modiphius News Role Playing Games SciFi

Infinity Arachne: Bob, Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?

This week we’re talking Impersonators and how deadly they can be on the Infinity battlefield. We’ll also be delving into the changes for N3, the new edition of Infinity, and how your tactics might change with the new release!

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October 29 2014 Featured Infinity SciFi

Customeeple Litter Infinity’s Rooftops With New Terrain

Customeeple have some new terrain pieces coming out this October with which to litter the rooftops of Infinity and give your models some cover from enemy snipers as they fight out above the city streets.

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October 28 2014 Customeeple Infinity News Painting & Hobby

Infinity Break Out Their October Releases!

Infinity Break Out Their October Releases!

Welcome back to another look at the
latest miniatures from the guys
over at Corvus Belli for Infinity!
This month is shaping
up to be another
great one with a
myriad of different
troops to pick from!

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October 28 2014 Featured Infinity SCI FI Wargaming SciFi

The Truth Comes Closer With More Infinity Artwork

Another piece of Infinity artwork has appeared, once again bearing the ominous question, Are You Ready For The Truth? Just what could this mean?

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October 24 2014 Infinity News SciFi