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New Infinity Models Strike For November!

New Infinity Models Strike For November!

2 days ago 16

Another awesome round of
releases have hit from
Corvus Belli for their
Sci-Fi game, Infinity.

Which one is your favourite?

The Hassassin Ragik Jets Into Infinity Soon

5 days ago 7

Painting by the expert hand of Angel Giraldez we have another Infinity preview that popped up on the internet. You can see the full unveiling of the Hassassin Ragik above with a video from GMG as well as the paint job below…

New Version Of Avicenna Spotted For Infinity

6 days ago 8

Studio Giraldez have shown off their work on the new version of Avicenna coming to Infinity soon. You can also see the preview video from MiniWargaming here too…

Sleek Sports Cars & The Tough Gaucho From Antenocitis Workshop

12 days ago 5

Antenocitis Workshop have three new vehicles for you to take to the streets of a Sci-Fi world with. The chances of there being an racing game made up using these vehicles are growing and I think that would be bloomin’ awesome…

Infinity Sneak Peek - USAriadna 6th Airborne Rangers Reg.

Infinity Sneak Peek – USAriadna 6th Airborne Rangers Reg.

13 days ago 8

Take a look at this exclusive sneak peek of
the 6th Airborne Ranger Reg for
the USAriadna in Infinity!

Objective Infinity: TAG Piloting 101

14 days ago 4

Carlos joins Justin in the studio to have a look at these incredible machines and explains how to use TAGs on the tabletop…

Objective Infinity XLBS: TAG Counter Tactics

14 days ago 3

Now you’ve learned how to use your TAGS on the battlefields of Infinity take an extra course in how to defeat them when you have to face one!

New Infinity Models Hit For October!

New Infinity Models Hit For October!

22 days ago 18

Another month and another raft of releases coming your way for Infinity and the various factions within the game. The focus this time is on big guys so prepare to see some fairly epic walkers and more…

Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More

Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More

25 days ago 81

Update Your Infinity Model’s Status With Colourful Discs

29 days ago 1

Warsenal has some really cool base markers that can help you can keep track of status and effects on your Infinity miniatures.

Objective Infinity – Jump Trooper Tactics

29 days ago 11

Welcome to a new tactics show for Infinity! The ever awesome Carlos joins us to take a look at the basics of using Jump Troops in your games…

Objective Infinity XLBS – Jump Trooper Counter Tactics

29 days ago 7

So, now you’ve seen how tough these Jump Trooper can be in Infinity it’s time to turn the tables on these aggressive troopers by having a look at ways in which we can knock them out of the sky…

Infinity Sneak Peek - PanO Seraph TAG!

Infinity Sneak Peek – PanO Seraph TAG!

30 days ago 10

Take a look at this rather impressive looking Seraph TAG that we got sent by the folks at Corvus Belli which will be gracing the battlefields of Infinity very soon indeed…

See More Of The Vehicles In Antenocitis’ Sci-Fi Garage

36 days ago 7

Antenocitis Workshop have been working on a whole bunch of fantastic vehicles which would make wonderful window dressing for a range of Sci-Fi tables and indeed more specifically those from the Infinity world…

Advertise & Transport In Style With Micro Art’s Infinity Releases

39 days ago 6

Micro Art Studios have two rather neat terrain pieces for you to check out for Infinity. If you want to ship things in style then you’re going to need the Tech Containers and when it comes to advertising make sure to choose the Lightboard…