Check Out The Finished NeoTerra Bolt Cosplay Mini For Infinity!

July 17, 2014 by brennon

As many of you will know by now the folks behind Infinity and Tabitha Lyons have teamed up for GenCon this year. Not only will Tabitha be cosplaying NeoTerra Bolt at the event but you can pick up a miniature in her likeness!

NeoTerra Cosplay Edition #1

NeoTerra Cosplay Edition #2

Above you can see the miniature in all her glory and once again Corvus Belli have outdone themselves when it comes to the detail and just sheer awesomeness of their sculpting. She’s been painted up rather well too!

NeoTerra Bolt Cosplay Mask

As well as the miniature the costume itself is coming along nicely and you can see more from Tabitha’s Artyfakes workshop by heading over to their website. The mask will come in two parts and looks superb even at this stage. The amount of work that cosplayers put into their costumes is phenomenal.

Will you be picking up this version of NeoTerra Bolt?

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