A Whole Host Of Infinity Goodness Rounds Off 2013

January 11, 2014 by brennon

The folks from Infinity have rounded off 2013 in style with some brilliant looking models. See what you think of their massive miniature drop for the end of December.

Uxia McNeill

Lt Stephen Rao

Gorgos Squad

First up we’re taking a look at the awesome Uxia McNeill, Stephen Rao and the Gorgos Squad which are all looking brilliant. The paint jobs by Angel Giraldez are good as always and the miniatures have huge amounts of detail and personality. The Gorgos Squad we also saw on On The Table!

Celestial Guard

Morat Aggression Force

Making things even better are the Celestial Guard and the Morat Aggression Force which are just, well, brilliant. The Morat Aggression force has sent my shiny syndrome out of control and while I don’t know much about them from the background that chap with the massive heavy gun makes Infinity look inviting simply by being there.

Some brilliant stuff for Infinity!

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