Infinity Arachne: The E.I & The A.I Part Three!

October 8, 2014 by crew

This is the Wartrader, trying to decide who is the lesser evil – the alien threat of the Evolved Intelligence, the power behind the (Combined Army), or ALEPH, the control-freak artificial intelligence that runs most of the Human Sphere via direct control or subtle subversion.

Infinity #1

The Cleft Stick

The more sceptical parts of Humanity are in a bind, stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. ALEPH has made it clear that she considers them fair game in her machinations.

The Evolved Intelligence has made it clear that Humanity, willingly or not, will become part of the Combined Army.

For the outsiders and the dispossessed of the Nomad nations it’s life as normal, a laser-sharp focus on survival and fighting off threats on all sides. They take part in the Paradiso campaign because the E.I is probably worse than the A.I and to keep an eye on everyone involved. Oh, and for the money. Never forget the money.

Infinity #2

The Warmongers

The bulk of Humanity trusts ALEPH and regards the E.I as an alien menace. For them it’s easy, support the move to a war footing to fight off the alien menace and sign up to the forces knowing that resurrection from the Cube backups into a new host body is free for anyone joining the fight.

Even the factions that distrust ALEPH, like Haqqislam and Ariadna, support the fight to keep the Combined Army limited behind the Acheron Blockade. The blandishments of free resurrection from the Church don’t apply here, either for religious reasons for Haqqislam or due to lack of Cube technology for Ariadna, but still they fight to keep Humanity safe.

Infinity #3

The Willing and Unwilling

The parts of Humanity that believe the E.I have not been heard from. There are rumours of Humans willingly fighting as part of the Combined Army but that’s all they are so far – rumours. It’s not like the conquered parts of the Tohaa, who have been seen fighting alongside the E.I.

‘Unwilling’ Humans are another matter thanks the the E.I’s ultimate terror weapon, Sepsitorization. A nanotech viral weapon that infiltrates the very Cube that’s supposed to backup the essence and memories of a human and subverts their loyalties instantly and totally toward the EI.

There is no known cure.

The demoralising effects of a soldier getting a fanatical gleam in their eyes and shooting the rest of their unit in the back are catastrophic. The EI is well aware of this and makes strong use of it in propaganda, Ko Dali being a case in point. She was the darling of Yu Jing’s StateEmpire Army but fell to a Sepsitor attack. Now she’s back as the EI’s poster girl for Humanity’s future, dropping in unexpected on the battlefield and causing havoc amongst her former comrades.

KoDali Teaser
KoDali Miniature

What side will you take in the growing conflict?

Ian Wood aka @wartrader

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