Infinity Dire Foes!!! Exclusive!!!

November 22, 2013 by dignity

That’s right guys our buddy Carlos has sent us a little video of the latest and greatest new things coming from the team behind Infinity.

So lets get down to nuts and bolts here. We’re getting an exclusive look at the new Dire Foes, but the question is what are they? Well from the look of things you’re getting a tabletop grudge match between two characters from the Infinity universe so get ready to see the sparks fly as these super soldiers face off and kick some serious ass…

In your box you’ll be getting :

  • 3 Miniatures. The 2 Dire Foes and 1 Civilian for the mission.
  • A set of 5 post cards with the concept design and pin-up artwork.
  • Your download code so you can get access to the mission pack and the stat lines for those lovely new miniatures of yours. Not only that but in the download you’re also getting the full back story of just why these two protagonists want to see each other pushing up daises, or what ever alien flower happens to get planted on their grave in the Infinity-verse.

So it looks like I’ll have to break out Yu Jing for this one guys as i know I’ll not be able to resist these shiny new miniatures. What do you think? Will you be tempted to pick them up for you and a friend? Or will this be one of your collectors buys to paint up, make pretty, and set safely on your display shelf to show off your painting skills?