Infinity’s Amazing April 2014 Releases!

April 22, 2014 in Featured, Infinity, SCI FI Wargaming, SciFi by dignity

April has been a busy month for BoW, but as with every month the guys over at Corvus Belli have been working like crazy to bring us another batch of fantastic minis!

Let’s start with the Haqqislam Kum Riders. The new re-sculpt of one of the classic units from the Haqqislam army. From what our buddy Carlos has told me these units are best used for first turn surprise attacks that can cripple an opponent’s plans early in the game and leave them fighting a really challenging game.

Infinity's Amazing April 2014 Releases! A

Second in the line up this month we have the Neoterra Bolts, and word on these guys is that you will now have each and every load out option for these very cool PanOceania troops.

Infinity's Amazing April 2014 Releases! B

Not to be out done the Combined Army are rolling out the Morat Vanguard Infantry. Again we’re seeing another load out box letting you play your troops the way you want.

Infinity's Amazing April 2014 Releases! C

We all know the fear a sniper can inspire on the battlefield and the Clipsos Infiltrators from the Tohaa are no exception. Some might call this unit a Basic Tohaa Skirmisher, but add in the deadly long range weapon and this becomes a perfect way of surprising the enemy with all the modifiers on your side.

Infinity's Amazing April 2014 Releases! D

Last up this month we have the Druze Shock Teams and from the look of things they’ve been raiding the weapons locker and brought out a Spitfire. These Qapu Khalqi Mercenaries will be causing havoc in no time and regardless of your experience playing Infinity these will be a perfect addition to your force.

Infinity's Amazing April 2014 Releases! E