Infinity’s Hot New Miniatures For August 2014!

August 5, 2014 by dignity

Hi guys! It’s time for another bunch of new minis from the Infinity team and as we all should know by now its another fantastic group!

Let’s kick things off with the Antipode Assault Pack from Ariadna. We’ve seen images and 360 shots of these badass dog soldiers popping up on the web for a little while and they look killer! These guys are a re-sculpt from an older set in the Infinity line and with the opportunity to come back and work on this unit again the sculptors have really went to town on them making the poses for the puppies themselves feel a bunch more dynamic and lethal and from what my buddy Carlos has been telling me these are the master trackers and line breachers for your Ariadna faction. I can see these making an appearance at clubs all over the world very soon!

Game: Infinity Army: Ariadna Model(s): Antipode Assault Pack

Raktorak the Morat Sergeant Major is on the line and ready to kick your battles into high gear armed with the deadly Vulkan Shotgun, which makes this the perfect unit to drop in to a fire team to add that extra bit of kick when you’re facing multiple opponents on the gaming table. Don’t forget with Infinity week just over we got a sneak peek at how Shotguns are getting a super boost in 3rd edition Infinity so this is a must buy for any combined army player.

Game: Infinity Army: Combined Army Model(s): Morat Sergeant Major

Time for a look at the new Ghulam Infantry for Haqqislam. As any Haqqislam player will know the Ghulam Infantry are a well-disciplined regular combat force and have a highly combative spirit. Add to that the miniatures come with a great selection of firepower options to shred your friend’s forces including the missile launcher, sniper rifle and HMG. You’re going to be spoiled for choice and just as a little cool extra we even have a hacker in this set so you can get things going in the digital wars of the Infinity universe as well as having lots of dangerous death machines.

Game: Infinity Army: Haqqislam Model(s): Ghulam Infantry

Next in the line up we have Thamiris the Aoidos for the Steel Phalanx.  From the rumblings of the interwebs this seems to be a very popular trooper, combining skills like Hacker, Journalist and No Wound Incapacitation he seems to have proven to be an absolute essential in campaign games.

Game: Infinity Army: ALEPH Model(s): Thamiris The Aoidos

Last up the Yu Jing are not to be out done this month as we meet the Zúyŏng Invincibles. These Terracotta Soldiers have been rumored to be one of the options for the line troops for a new Sectorial army and seeing this guy loaded out with the mighty HMG makes me think that if we do see a new Sectorial it will be the elite of the elite of the Yu Jing empire!

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Zúyŏng Invincibles

That’s it wrapped up for another month. So what do you think guys? Have you seen a must have miniature in this selection?