Infinity: Operation Flamestrike – New Theatre Unlocks! Aranda Overrun By Combined Army

April 6, 2016 by warzan

If you’re an Infinity player and you haven’t already got involved make sure to go and get stuck into Operation Flamestrike which is our Infinity Campaign set on Flamia Island. Things are hotting up and we’ve got some new developments to discuss…

Island Map

Before we get into the news however make sure to follow this link HERE to Register for the campaign and get your games in. You can also check out the Battles played so far HERE.

New Theatre Unlocked

The new area to battle over is Aranda, the Astrological Facility and there’s a strange Combined Army presence dominating this part of the island.

Flamestrike New Theater Aranda Unlocked

Here’s some of the background on this battlefield…

“For an army of limited numbers, such as the Nomad Military Force, simultaneously engaging in multiple combat zones reduces the forces deployed to each zone exponentially. To avoid being outnumbered, the Nomads distribute their units with consideration for the opposition expected in each location.

The wide dispersion of the Nomad forces throughout the Flamia island territory had the obvious consequence of leaving its rearguard and headquarters – a place considered safe – insufficiently protected. The Nomad Military Force did not have enough units in the field to have more than a small garrison force to protect the Aranda Astrologistical Center.

It seems the Combined Army intelligence service, probably through the covert activity of Shasvastii operatives, was aware of this fact. The alien forces launched a strong airborne offensive against the Astrological Center, which nearly drove out the scarce Nomad security team, and established a beachhead in the area.”

So now you need to make some choices commander. Will you be teaming up in an alliance to push in and take the Astrological Facilities from the Combined Army?

Are you instead happy to see it fall and hopefully boost efforts elsewhere while the enemy is busy fighting there?

The campaign is in the balance!

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