Operation Flamestrike: 200+ Hours Update

March 11, 2016 by warzan

After a hugely successful launch last week with Operation Flamestrike from Infinity, we’re looking back on what’s been happening over the last 200+ hours on Flamia Island.

Operation Flamestrike: 200+ Hours Update

We have some amazingly juicy statistics to serve up to you this week and boy, are we excited to see what’s in store for us over the next few weeks.

  • OVER 740,000 Pts of Troops Have been Deployed to Flamia Iasland.
  • Collectively, up to 840 meters of models base to base exceeding the Burj Khalifa which stands at 830m.
  • Approaching 3000 Commanders vie for contr\ol of operational areas on Flamia, more officers commanding on Flamia than officers in the Royal Navy.
  • We have twice the number of ‘soldiers’ than the Bahamas Army.

Also we would like to congratulate the following commanders on being the first in their factions to be Brigadier Generals.

  • PanOceania – AdmiralJCCF
  • Nomads – Magno
  • Combined Army – Schadlez
  • ALEPH – Alex Bendon
  • Ariadna – Steve Rogers

Check out more statistics and join in the battle over at Operation Flamestrike.

Have you been doing your part?