Park Your Infinity TAGs in Warsenal’s Garage

April 17, 2014 by dracs

Warsenal have released two new buildings that are perfect for Infinity tabletops, the first of which is an awesome sci-fi style garage.

Kum Garage


This building has a lot of nice touches that make it a good piece to include in an Infinity city setting, especially with the ladder up to the roof adding an extra vantage point for those of you unlucky enough to not be playing Haqqislam and therefore not have the Lasiq’s climbing abilities (mwahaha).

The other building Warsenal have come out with is this new Pill Box.

Comanche Pillbox

Comanche Pill Box

This building is far more suited to a conflict zone and will provide the perfect piece of cover to defend and assault.

What do you think of Warsenal’s latest terrain pieces?