The Truth Comes Closer With More Infinity Artwork

October 24, 2014 by dracs

Another piece of Infinity artwork has appeared, once again bearing the ominous question, Are You Ready For The Truth? Just what could this mean?

Infinity Are You Ready for the Truth

This piece of art shows a rather authoritarian side of Infinity society, with an armoured man who I assume is a policeman carrying out an identity check upon what looks to be just a random citizen. We rarely get to see Infinity from the street level, so this is definitely an interesting insight into the world, though just what it could mean in regards to the game we can only guess.

A website has also been set up, featuring a countdown towards when all will be revealed.

At present, all we can do is speculate, but the glimpses of art we are seeing are very intriguing. Still, we won’t have long to wait as the announcement is set for 31st of this month.

Just what do you think this latest piece of art reveals?

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