Iron & Ale Heads Back To Kickstarter For Another Pint

November 7, 2013 by brennon

You might remember that earlier this year a Kickstarter that sounded right up my alley appeared and I had to make a bit of a buzz about it. Unfortunately Iron & Ale wasn’t funded but they are now back looking for funding again for what does look to be an ace project.

What's In The Box

Above you can see their rather funny gameplay video and also what you get inside the box. Unlike the first time around they have also now included some additional pledge levels for international Dwarfs and now you can get physical copies as well as digital copies for this game to your country.

Dwarven Lord Cards

Meadhall Cards

Mountain Cards

You will be going around the table trying to show off your Dwarf might in both drinking and other tasks and it does look like it will be insane fun once it gets to the tabletop. There is nothing saying you have to make it a drinking game of course but that’s half the fun of being a Dwarf!

Pledge Extras

There are some extras you can add to your pledge as well but it looks like these are only going to be available in the US and around the Americas. However, the fact that you can get your hands on the game itself means that it’s a lot more attractive a pledge than it was before.

So do you think you’ll be proving your Dwarf-ness?