Table Forged Well On The Way To Iron & Ale Completion!

April 2, 2014 by brennon

Table Forged, who ran the Iron & Ale drinking game Kickstarter, are well on the way to getting it out there to us thirsty Dwarves. See what you think of the preview shots that came out and some of their Dwarven heroes…

Proof Copy

That is a lot of cards and I can’t wait to actually begin playing this game. They did well to come back from their first fundraising attempt and had great success with the second. The people behind the game seem like great folk too.




As a bit of a close up sneak peek they have also been previewing some of their Dwarves over on Twitter and three of them are above. I love the mix between semi-realism and cartoon with their artwork and despite it being a drinking game they have gone to town with how glossy and full of character the cards are.

I think this should be well worth picking up for a bit of fun after a big day of gaming.

What do you think?