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The Black River Irregulars Join The Adventures In Undercity

347 days ago 3

A new expansion is on the way for The Undercity, Privateer Press’ board game take on the Iron Kingdoms. Black River Irregulars adds new heroes into the mix.

Privateer’s Widower Wood Kickstarter Begins Today

554 days ago 1

Privateer Press are going to be kicking off their Kickstarter for Widower’s Wood today. Keep an eye on social media for the links to begin appearing and we’ll make sure to keep you up to date as well…

Meet The Heroes Of Privateer’s Widower’s Wood Board Game

566 days ago 7

Privateer Press have shown off the heroes that are going to be part of their new Iron Kingdoms board game world, Widower’s Wood. This game will be going to Kickstarter later this month on February 16th…

Widower's Wood Coming To Kickstarter From Privateer Press

Widower’s Wood Coming To Kickstarter From Privateer Press In February

581 days ago 25

Privateer Press is going to Kickstarter in February to
get help launching their new boardgame.

Privateer Press Announces First Expansion For Iron Kingdoms & Undercity

615 days ago 4

Privateer Press has announced their first expansion for their game Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game.

Learn The Rules Of The Undercity With Privateer Press

756 days ago 6

Privateer Press are going to be bringing The Undercity along with them to Gen Con this year for demos. Above is a gameplay tutorial showing you how to begin playing the game and some of the basics and you can find a copy of the full rules to download HERE too.

A Bad Moon Is Rising For New Iron Kingdoms Adventure!

783 days ago 0

Something bad is going down out in the wilds of Immoren with this new adventure for the Iron Kingdoms Role-Playing Game by Privateer Press. Bad Room Rising is their latest adventure now available through DriveThru RPG.

Q&A Time: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed With Privateer's Matt Goetz

Q&A Time: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed With Privateer’s Matt Goetz

811 days ago 16

Community member bintykins got to chat
with Matt Goetz, the RPG Producer at
Privateer Press, and asked him a few
questions about Iron Kingdoms Unleashed
and what you can expect from the game!

If you’re new to role-playing games this
could be the adventure for you…

Explore The Brutal Skorne Empire With Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Book

833 days ago 1

New warbeasts to train, mighty monsters to slay and a whole new society to explore are all part of Skorne Empire coming soon to Iron Kingdoms Unleashed.


Weekender: X-Wing Wave 7 & Delving Into Undercity Board Game

837 days ago 47

It’s time to get stuck into another weeks worth
of tabletop gaming with The Weekender
talking X-Wing, Undercity, Batman & More.

Delve Into The Undercity With New Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game!

Delve Into The Undercity With New Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game!

839 days ago 23

Are you going to be brave enough
to join the Black River Irregulars
in The Undercity Adventure Board
Game from Privateer Press and
go delving into the dark?

The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Rulebook Is Now Available

849 days ago 5

Consider picking up the new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Core Rulebook from Privateer Press which is now available!

Learn How To Control Your Warbeasts In Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

867 days ago 0

Have you ever considered becoming a Warlock in the world of Hordes by Privateer Press? The Unleashed version of Iron Kingdoms can certainly do that but with great power over Warbeasts comes great responsibility…

Unboxing: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit

875 days ago 4

Justin and Sam venture up the river as they unpack the Adventure Kit for the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed role-playing game from Privateer Press.

Get Inside The Mind Of Knor From Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

877 days ago 0

Have a read of the story behind Knor, the right hand man to Morrg in the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit. It’s quite interesting seeing how blurred the lines between bad guy and good guy are in this world!