Become a Bloodweaver in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

January 20, 2015 by dracs

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed lets gamers role play in the most savage parts of Privateer Press’ fantasy world, taking on brutal careers that allow you to draw strength from what you kill. Privateer Press recently gave us the lowdown on one of the most bloodthirsty; the beautiful, barbaric Bloodweavers!


Described as the close combat mirror of the Gun Mage, a Bloodweaver has access to a selection of blood magic spells to enhance her melee attacks and shape them to whatever the situation requires. She can drain an enemy’s life for health, or make them explode in a blast of scalding blood!

A Bloodweaver / Scout hero named Zocha is included in the Unleashed Adventure Kit, letting players try out this fearsome new career path.

Unleashed Adventure Kit

Privateer Press have also come out with a special short encounter which can be added to the Hogwash scenario, letting you better demo Zocha’s abilities as she deals with Poisonous Plants.

Fancy becoming a Bloodweaver? Would you start your Trollbloods or Cygnar collections with either of these All-in-One Army Boxes?

"She can drain an enemy's life for health, or make them explode in a blast of scalding blood!"