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Jasco Snap Up Cowboy Bebop & Dragon Ball Z For UFS


Jasco Games have even more intellectual properties joining their ranks and the UFS as well as getting board games of their own. These folks really have powered through the world of anime!

Jasco Games Bringing Mortal Kombat To The UFS


Jasco Games aren’t content with just bringing Street Fighter into their Universal Fighting System. Mortal Kombat is also on their hit list and they showed off a pair of models set to join the game, Sub Zero and Goro…

Jasco Show Off Street Fighter Miniatures For New Board Game


A new challenger has appeared! See what you think of these designs for the new models that will be part of the Street Fighter Board Game that Jasco Games will be bringing out soon. I think these are looking pretty awesome!

Jasco Games Snap Up Street Fighter For Some Tabletop Brawls


Jasco Games (who developed the Mega Man Board Game) have grabbed the rights to Street Fighter and as well as bringing a new board game out will also develop the property alongside the UFS: Universal Fighting System…

Survival of the Fittest in Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America


Jasco Games has an awesome new Kickstarter out now called, Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America. This skirmish level miniature game pits man against man, against zombies!