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JoeK Finalise Work On Last Fury For Tales Of The Odyssey


JoeK showed off an almost finalised look to the last of their Fury characters for the Tales Of The Odyssey collection.

The Hunter’s Hound Gets Ready To Pounce For JoeK’s Odyssey


JoeK showed off one of the sculpts for their Greek-inspired world of Odyssey. Here we have the Hunter’s Hound getting ready to leap on its foes.

JoeK Minis Ask The Graeae For Cryptic Fortunes & More


Looking ahead to their next Kickstarter project, JoeK Minis has previewed another model. The Graeae is another interesting character for their Greek Mythology inspired Sci-Fi world.

JoeK Show Off Stunning Fury Cast For Their Odyssey Range


JoeK Minis has shown off the first cast for one of their Fury miniatures which will be coming to Kickstarter soon. This truly is rather stunning…

JoeK Add To Their Odyssey With Furies & A Minotaur


JoeK is continuing their journey into the Odyssey with some more impressive miniatures which will feature as part of a small Kickstarter. The main focus will be The Furies…

The Argonauts & Poseidon Come To Life From JoeK Minis


JoeK Minis have now moved towards the next production step when it comes to their Argonauts Kickstarter and Gods are following soon!

JoeK’s Argonauts Kickstarter Closes In On Final Hours


JoeK Minis have been closing in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter and things are looking great. They have unlocked some fascinating characters to help add to this crew for Odyssey…

JoeK’s Argonauts Begin Their Mythical Voyage On Kickstarter


JoeK are now on Kickstarter looking for funding for their Argonauts which are part of their Odyssey universe. This Sci-Fi range drawing on the myths and legends of the Greeks is worth checking out and they have some neat extras lined up here too…

JoeK’s Sci-Fi Argonauts Begin Their Odyssey This April


JoeK Minis have announced the dates for the Kickstarter they’ll be running to bring out their automaton versions of the classic Greek heroes.

JoeK’s Argonauts Coming To Kickstarter Soon


We saw some of the early concept and render work on these new warriors for JoeK’s Odyssey not long ago and now they have noted that they will be on Kickstarter soon to fund the Argonauts…

JoeK Minis Place A New Face Among Their Gods


JoeK Minis recently published a couple of previews, showing their designs from sketch to sculpt, the latest of which may well be the next deity in their line up of sci-fi mythology.

JoeK’s Prototype Cyclops Previewed For Odyssey Range


JoeK Miniatures have shared some images of their new Cyclops which will be lumbering into the world of Odyssey next year. These creatures are group hunters and hopefully the alternative sculpts for this will have a variety of interesting poses.

The Cyclops Takes Shape For JoeK Minis Odyssey


It’s time for something new from JoeK for their Tales of the Odyssey range. The Cyclops is making its way onto the battlefields of this strange Sci-Fi world and it looks great in the concept art…

JoeK Show Off The First Cast Of Jason


JoeK Miniatures have sent their latest Odyssey miniature off to get cast up and it’s looking great. See what you think of Jason as well as a bit of concept art for what’s coming later on down the line…

Master Cast Apollo Pops Up From Joek Minis For Odyssey


JoeK Minis are waiting on the full range of Apollo miniatures to land in their lap but for now they have added some of the Master Casts onto the Webstore. There are only five of these available and at the time of writing there were only three left so they might be gone already!

Jason Joins The Epic Odyssey By JoeK Minis


JoeK Minis have shown off some of the work that has gone into sculpting up another member of the Odyssey line. This strange blend of Fantasy and Sci-Fi now brings you Jason (of Argonauts fame)…

JoeK Release Their SciFi Take on the Mighty Heracles


JoeK Minis have released their long awaited scifi sculpt based upon the classic hero of ancient Greece, the mighty Heracles.

JoeK Cast the Legend of Heracles For Sci-Fi Odyssey!


JoeK Minis have cast their scifi version of the mighty Greek hero Heracles and are now showing him off in all his glory.

JoeK Sculpt Up The Mighty Heracles For Their Odyssey Collection


Head out to undertake the labours of Hercules in space with this new addition to the Odyssey collection from JoeK Miniatures.

Atalanta Joins Hercules For JoeK Minis’ Odyssey


JoeK Minis show off some more neat miniatures coming your way in 2015 for their Odyssey line. Which do you prefer, Atalanta or Heracles?