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Zing Yau Makes A BIG Appearance For Marrow Production

214 days ago 3

Marrow Production has released another heavy hitter for Journey: Wrath of Demons, and his name is Zing Yau. With a face only a mother could love and just about the biggest mace you could imagine, this big guy is not to be messed with.

New Minis On The Way For Journey From Marrow Production

217 days ago 7

After a period of silence, Marrow Production is back with some more beautiful minis for Journey: Wrath of Demons. The Jiangshi Set is ready to go and Jing Yau is ready to be casted for Kickstarter backers.

Silver Horn & Golden Horn Now Available For Journey From Marrow Production

351 days ago 5

Marrow Production continues to deliver high quality, stunning miniatures for their fantastic game, Journey: Wrath of Demons. Their 2 newest models, Golden Horn and Silver Horn are now available from their web store.

Marrow Production Previews The Second Protector- Silver Horn

413 days ago 7

Marrow Production has announced the creation of the second protector, Silver horn. He is a formidable creature, that carries a vessel to house thousands of souls.

Weekender: Bust Some Ghosts! & Halloween Game Designer Challenge

Weekender: Bust Some Ghosts! & Halloween Game Designer Challenge

416 days ago 210

We’ve been looking at loads of awesome things that
happened in the tabletop world
this week and announcing a
new Game Designer Challenge
with a focus on making
a new Halloween game!

Marrow Shows Off A Stunning New Protector For Journey

418 days ago 4

The Heavens are sending two protectors to aid in the pilgrims’ quest in Marrow Production’s beautiful game, Journey: Wrath of Demons. Golden Horn is the first of the two on his way to protect the pilgrims.

Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

451 days ago 94

We’re talking about Age Of Sigmar and those new
Judicators and don’t forget to see if you were
the winner of Journey: Wrath Of Demons

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

458 days ago 112

We’ve got loads for you this
weekend including a
deeper look at
DreadBall AND
preparations for
Gen Con 2015!

Marrow Productions’ Pilgrims Nearly Ready For Sale

461 days ago 15

Marrow Productions are getting ready for Journey to be out their in the big wide world and that means some of the miniature kits too. With that in mind they showed off a preview of their Pilgrim kits and the sprues inside them. Each of them is incredibly well detailed and looks superb…

Exploring Gameplay For Journey: Wrath of Demons - Comment To Win The Game!

Exploring Gameplay For Journey: Wrath of Demons – Comment To Win The Game!

462 days ago 413

Follow Dawn as she explores the game play for
Marrow Production’s, Journey Wrath of Demons!
Cooperative and solo play are available for this
beautiful crawler style board game based on
Chinese lore.

Q&A Available In New Forum From Marrow Production

476 days ago Comments Off

When an exciting new game comes out, like Journey: Wrath of Demons, it’s natural to expect a learning curve as gamers feel their way through the new system. What better way to do this than through a forum sponsored by the creators? Explore the game by joining the Marrow Production Community to share your experiences and ask your questions.

Exploring & Unboxing The Contents Of Journey: Wrath Of Demons

477 days ago 39

The fine fellows at Marrow Production have sent us a copy of their long-awaited game, Journey: Wrath of Demons! Come with Dawn on a two part, exclusive journey and explore the beautiful contents of the box…

Marrow Productions Show Off The Monstrous Zing Yau For Journey

530 days ago 7

Marrow Productions have shown off an awesome looking master sculpt for Journey: Wrath of Demons. See what you make of the monstrous Zing Yau who looks like he’ll be quite the handful!

Stunning Step By Step Demo Game Instructions Available For Journey!

576 days ago 17

Marrow has released a stunning, full color demo rule book to give gamers a feel for how Journey plays. The demo set is available for download right now to get you up to speed before your game arrives.

Marrow Production Offers Glimpse At WIP For Journey

651 days ago 2

Marrow Production is hard at work with additional terrain pieces to offset the processing delays they’ve experienced with their Kickstarter. Ray Wong is even working on another miniature!