Mongoose Publishing Preview Some Dredded New Minis

October 22, 2012 by dracs

With the Judge Dredd Kickstarter finished Mongoose Publishing have given us a look at some of the miniatures which will soon be released for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Judge Dredd - Judge DeMarco

Judge Dredd - Special Weapons Judge

Judge Dredd - Walter the Wobot

Judge Dredd - Citi-Def Squad

Judge Dredd - Zombie Judge

Judge Dredd - Street Judge 4

Of these new releases there are two items of particular interest. Firstly, we have the Zombie Horde.

Judge Dredd - Zombie Horde Conversion

This set uses the Mantic Games plastic zombies as a base. These are included in the box set, along with a supply of conversion parts to gear these zombies up for unlife in Mega City 1.

Alongside these shambling horrors of the dystopian future is the release of a whole new faction.

Judge Dredd - East Meg Invasion Force

This is the East Meg Invasion Force from the Apocalypse War story, along with the Sov Judges of East Meg-1, armed with their Krashnikov sidearm.

All together a rather impressive display of miniatures, with promises of more to come. I know that I am not alone in looking forward to the release of the Dark Judges in particular.

Will any of you be bringing the law to your tabletop?