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Elf Ranger Allandir Stalks His Prey In Judgement Preview


Gunmeister Games has shared a render of one of the heroes for 54mm skirmish game Judgement and the second wave of their Kickstarter. Meet the Elf Ranger Allandir.

Gunmeister Games’ Judgement Tabletop MOBA Kickstarter Ending Soon!


The guys at Gunmeister Games busted through their target goal for Judgement, a MOBA inspired tabletop game for two players. Now they’re looking for that last little hit as they close in on their final goal on Kickstarter with around twenty hours remaining…

MOBA Inspired 54mm Scale Heroes Deliver Judgement On Kickstarter


The team at Gunmeister Games has put together a campaign on Kickstarter to bring Judgement to life. See what you make of their 54mm heroes and the game they’re battling out on the tabletop.

The Amazing Art & Heroes Of Judgement Head To Kickstarter January 26th


On January 26th, some larger than life characters will be coming to Kickstarter in the tabletop MOBA style game of Judgement. Summon mortal heroes and develop their special abilities to try to reign supreme on the table.