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Fight With A New Familia Of Gladiators In Jugula

544 days ago 1

Gripping Beast have bought together four more Gladiators for you to send out onto the sands of the arena in Jugula. The new Familia Three are armed and dangerous but you will have to train them to kill with their mix of weapons…

The Bloody Familia Two Steps Into The Arena Of Jugula

950 days ago 1

Will you be picking up the second of the big Familia for the world of Jugula where blood soaks into the sand?

Begin Your Conquest Of The Arena In Gripping Beast’s Jugula

1132 days ago 7

Begin fighting in the arena with mighty gladiators as Jugula goes on release from Gripping Beast.

A Grand Melee & Crusade Beckons For SAGA!

1181 days ago 4

It’s time to delve into a Grand Melee for SAGA and then go on the Crusades for Crescent & Cross.

The Gladiators Begin Training For Tomahawk’s Jugula

1204 days ago 6

Take the fight to the arena with a series of customisable Gladiators from Gripping Beast for Studio Tomahawk’s Jugula.

Studio Tomahawk Talk Gladiatorial Jugula!

1211 days ago 10

Will you take to the Arena and win the favour of the crowd with Studio Tomahawk’s new game, Jugular?