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Kabuki Release Their Kickstarted Death Dealer

25 days ago 3

After a very successful Kickstarter, Kabuki’s new Death Dealer sculpture based on the classic art of Frank Frazetta has been released.

Frazetta’s Death Dealer Masterpiece On Kickstarter With Kabuki

153 days ago 2

Kabuki Models have taken a lot of cues from Frank Frazetta’s art direction when it comes to their own range of models and so now they’re turning their attention back to his art with a model based on his work.

Kabuki Announce Date Of Frazetta’s Masterpiece Kickstarter

170 days ago 8

On October 17th, Kabuki will be launching their Frazetta Masterpiece Kickstarter, looking to create a sculpt of the infamous Death Dealer.

Kabuki Show Off Their Angel From All Angles

220 days ago 10

Kabuki Models are currently printing the master for their Angel Knight and getting ready to put up the pre-order at the end of the month.

Kabuki’s Limited Edition Vixen Lord Is Pre-Released Upon The Galaxy

231 days ago 10

Kabuki Models have put up their limited edition Vixen Lord for pre-order, the latest of their Sci-Fi pin-up models that bares a striking resemblance to a certain dark lord from a galaxy far, far away.

Kabuki Master Their Death Dealer Sculpt

238 days ago 6

Kabuki Models have almost finished work on the master for their upcoming 75mm mounted Death Dealer miniature and have just published a quick preview of the iconic fantasy horseman.

Kabuki’s Celtic Knight Charges Towards Printing

241 days ago 6

Following on from the appearance of their dramatic Angel Knight, Kabuki have begun work on the next of their Knights of Legend. Face the charge of the brutal Celtic Knight.

Kabuki’s Angel Knight Is Finalised & Ready For Printing

244 days ago 7

Kabuki Studio have shown off the finalised 3D render for the Angel Knight which will be quite the crowning glory in their Space Knight collection…

Kabuki Sound The March & Release The 35mm Imperial Vixens

318 days ago 22

Kabuki Studios have released their latest 35mm pin-up model, a rather sexy heroine clad in some iconic armour from a galaxy far, far away.

Kabuki Sound The Imperial March For Their Next Army

380 days ago 9

Kabuki Models are once again turning their attention to the creation of a full modular army. This time, they are bringing us the forces of a dark, intergalactic empire.

Kabuki Shrink Down Their Star Vixen To 35mm

401 days ago 17

Kabuki Models recently came out with a 75mm model they named the Star Vixen, a hot woman dressed as a trooper from a galaxy far, far away. Since then, they have received requests to make a smaller version and have just shown off the brand new sculpt.

The Dark Siren Dwells Beneath The Sea At Kabuki Models

443 days ago 7

Kabuki Models have announced their next big 75mm model for the new year, the Dark Siren. This creature from the depths is shown holding aloft a little baby Cthulhu who will no doubt go on to destroy the world with his madness inducing followers.

Kabuki’s Ky-Ra Readies Her Axes for War

472 days ago 10

Kabuki Models are working on a new beautiful 75mm barbarian woman for their latest range of sculpts and have published the latest WiPs of the intimidating Ky-Ra.

Kabuki Models Tease A Stunning Sci-Fi Trooper Up Next

479 days ago 9

Over on Facebook the Kabuki Models team have teased a new figure which will be coming to their 75mm range in January. See what you think of this Sci-Fi Trooper…

Colourful Dragon Queens & Cthulhu Fridge Ornaments Appear At Kabuki

507 days ago 4

Kabuki recently released a beautiful collectors piece called the Dragon Queen, featuring a magnificent dragon alongside its mistress. That model has now been painted up and Kabuki are showing off the great finished product for its box art.