Kabuki Colour in Their Ghost and Hydra Knights

December 30, 2014 by dracs

It is always a welcome change of pace from Kabuki to see the fantastic paint work they use for their miniature’s box covers and now their Ghost Knight of the Knights of Legend range is getting a bit of colour, along with his companion the Hydra Knight.

Ghost and Hydra Knight Box ArtGhost and Hydra Knight Box Art Side

Ghost and Hydra Knight Box Art Back

While this is a WiP image, the only bit I can see that is still to be finished is the decorative base. The rest is looking top notch and I am particularly impressed by the shading on the armour plating and the individual armoured scale sections.

The Ghost Knight (left) will soon be available from Kabuki Models both individually and as part of a bundle with the Hydra Knight (right), which will allow players to create this dramatic display piece of the two fighting their way down the steps. This could easily be incorporated into a diorama to make an awesome cinematic piece.

How would you choose to paint the Ghost Knight?

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