Kabuki Shrink Down Their Star Vixen To 35mm

February 16, 2016 by dracs

Kabuki Models recently came out with a 75mm model they named the Star Vixen, a hot woman dressed as a trooper from a galaxy far, far away. Since then, they have received requests to make a smaller version and have just shown off the brand new sculpt.

Star Vixen

For the 35mm version, Kabuki have gone for a rather more practical stance, rather than the dramatic run-way model posing of the original.

Star Vixen Original

This makes me think that, as well as a good collector’s piece, it could be used as a game piece.

Which version of Kabuki’s Star Vixen do you prefer? The original, or the upcoming 35mm version?

"As well as a good collector's piece, it could be used as a game piece..."

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