Kabuki’s Dragon Queen Rules Over Lucca Comics and Games Show

October 15, 2015 by dracs

A while ago, Kabuki started previewing a new model called the Dragon Queen, featuring a beautiful woman riding aside fantasy’s greatest monster. Now it appears the model will be making its debut at Lucca Comics and Games Show, where attendees will have the chance to pledge their allegiance.

Dragon Queen

With the finished model before us, we can get a sense of the level of detail Kabuki have gone to with this sculpt, particularly with the dragon’s scales. The many-horned dragon is definitely eye-catching, to the extent that the queen herself is almost lost in the middle of the model’s detail.

The model is appearing as a preview at Lucca Comics and Games Show this October 29th to November 1st and will be available in limited quantities. Hopefully it will see a full release soon, at which point we will get to see how it looks painted up.

Will Kabuki’s Dragon Queen be your next painting project? Are you going to Lucca Comics and Games Show?

"A beautiful woman riding aside fantasy's greatest monster..."

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