Kabuki’s Latest WiP Hunts Aliens in the Dead of Space

January 16, 2015 by dracs

Kabuki Models have one more WiP to share with us this week, an Alien Hunter who looks incredibly familiar.

Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter Back

Alien Hunter

This highly detailed 30mm sculpt features the Alien Hunter cautiously making his way down the metal grill of space station, wearing the protective gear that gives him his iconic look.

Kabuki have, of course, come out with a sculpt heavily influenced by the main character of the Dead Space series, the first of which many viewed as one of the best modern horrors to come out at the time. At 30mm though, this has a lot more potential than just a collector’s piece and I would love to hear of someone coming up with some Dead Space tabletop gaming scenarios.

What are your thoughts on Kabuki’s Alien Hunter?

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