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Tribal Warriors & Fearsome Daemons Appear in Kaha’s Concepts


Kaha Miniatures have come out with a few new pieces of concept art promising new models for their world of Oroko.

Kaha Take Sun Wukong to Salute


Kaha Miniatures have a special offer available for everyone attending Salute, giving you the chance to pick up an exclusive model of Sun Wukong, the legendary Monkey King.

The Mighty Monkey King Leads the Demons of Oroko


The King of Oroko’s Demons, the legendary Sun Wukong himself, is now up for pre-order from Kaha Miniatures. The nature of monkey of monkey was irrepressible!

Eel Be Back In Oroko With Kaha’s Latest Monster Concept


Kaha Miniatures have published a concept sketch for a truly monstrous eel that swims in the rivers of Oroko. If you step foot in the water, beware the Namarai Monster!

Kaha Miniatures Make Their Alligator Snappy


The rivers around Kaha Miniatures are no longer safe to go swimming in as they sculpt themselves a vicious looking gator.

Kaha Miniatures Show Off A Mighty Elephant Warrior


Kaha Miniatures have shown off another mighty and proud warrior for their Oroko line of models. See what you think of the wise Mafuku with his rather large hammer. There are also some neat tribes finally brought together too…

The Mystical Tengu Sōjōbō Takes Form From Kaha Miniatures


Kaha Miniatures have added another wonderful looking miniature to their range with Tengu Sōjōbō who, while looking like he’s dancing, is probably about to show off his impressive sword skills…

Kaha Miniatures Send Joseph Luther Blackley Back In Time


Go back in time with some clock-bothering Time Travellers as part of Kaha Miniatures Oroko range.

Kaha Armour Up a New Barbarian Heroine


Kaha have revealed Regitha, a new female barbarian who will adventuring in their webstore soon.

Tengu of the Shinto Gods Appears in Kaha’s Oroko


The gods of Shintoism are appearing in Kaha Miniatures’ world of Oroko, the first of which has just shown up as a concept sketch. Check out the nasally impressive Tengu.