Kaha Miniatures Show Off A Mighty Elephant Warrior

July 21, 2015 by brennon

Kaha Miniatures have shown off another mighty and proud warrior for their Oroko line of models. See what you think of the wise Mafuku with his rather large hammer. There are also some neat tribes finally brought together too…

He Ain’t No Dumbo…

This amazing model is made of high quality resin and stands at a very, very impressive 68mm high. He will be towering over pretty much everything else on the tabletop and rightly so.


Mafuku Concept Art

I think this is probably the best piece they’ve done to date. I love the old veteran look to him and the big bunched muscles that look tired and well worn. Add to that the rather insane hammer and you’ve got a model that demands a good paint job.

Tribes Come Together

Kaha have also added some of their models together into their full tribal set-up so you can see how they all look together.

Nakaema Tribe

Satasuki Clan

Unfortunately the webstore is down right now so if any of these models have taken your fancy then you can contact them via the Facebook Page linked above and here. I can see a fair few people wanting to nab these models.

Which models do you like best from Kaha?

"...add to that the rather insane hammer and you've got a model that demands a good paint job"

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