Watch It Played! Fight For Control Of The Desert In Kemet

October 22, 2013 by brennon

Watch it Played! are heading into their next series and this time they are playing the board game Kemet. Check it out above and then over on Board Game Geek for more information!

Kemet Cover

The game sees you playing as Egyptian tribes trying to take control of the kingdoms of North Africa with mighty warriors, huge beasts and magic and faith guiding your hand too.

Kemet Monsters

Kemet Sphinx

Above you can see some of the monsters that you can summon onto the battlefield including the mighty Sphinx and some strange Scorpion creatures. As well as that you have more historically accurate beasts of war in the Elephant!

This one should be a fun series and I think we need to give Rodney all the help he can get against Luke and his board gaming powers!

Have you played Kemet?

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