Ride To War Behind Your Chosen Daimyo In Kensei

August 30, 2013 by brennon

The world of Kensei is going to see it’s leaders riding to battle. See what you think of these new releases for the month of August from Zenit Miniatures. They are pretty mighty!

Kuge Clan Hero

First up we have this Kuge clan hero complete with bow and ready to take on the enemy on foot. But when you’re heading into battle it does pay to ride on horseback and that’s exactly what these guys have done.

Daimyo #1

Daimyo #2

Daimyo #3

They are looking pretty ace and very dynamic too I’d say. I love the second one on his charging horse just about to swing down with his katana to cut an enemy in twain. Zenit have done very well with their samurai miniatures and these are no exception.

Have you guys had a chance to play Kensei yet?