September Saw New Samurai Swing Swords in Kensei

October 3, 2014 by dracs

Kensei, the full scale fantasy battle game based around Asian mythology, has had a couple of new miniatures released this September, including a bunch of new Samurai wielding their iconic katanas and yumi bows.

Katana Samurai

Katana Samurai Models

Yumi Samurai

Yumi Ashigaru

Yumi Ashigaru Box

These troops will help you to build an effective force of feudal era Japanese warriors. Of course, sometimes you need something more subtle than an army, in which case the new Shinobi should work well.


The Shinobi are the elite ninjas and this model certainly conveys that, clambering over a rock with his victim in sight, ready to bring his blade to bear. Combined with the dramatic base it is sculpted on, this might be one of my favourite ninja models to date.

Do you play Kensei? Will you choose more samurai for your army, or are you going to hire the help of the sneaking Shinobi?

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