15mm Tanks Of The Past & Future Coming Soon From Khurasan

April 25, 2016 by brennon

Khurasan Miniatures will soon be adding some more tanks to their array of armour for battles in the past and the future. A T-64B and the Core Systems MBT are the two contenders…

Old School

First up we’re going back in time to the 80s when the T-64B would have been rolling around on the battlefield hunting other tanks. It looks like a rather sleek and deadly tank, by tank standards anyway, with a rather big gun.


According to some research this tank would have been used alongside other tanks whereas its cousin, the T-62, would have found itself in support of infantry.

This tank seems to have gone through a fair amount of modification too over the years and there are quite a few variants of it out there it would seem.

New Age

Rocking in to serve you on the battlefield of tomorrow we have the Core Systems MBT which serves as a main fighting vehicle for the Core Systems Ghulams, an Alien Mercenary Force.

Core Systems MBT #1

This tanks has options for dealing with any threat with the capability to shoot down targets in the air and on the ground.

Core Systems MBT #2

There is also options for it to have smart munitions or thermobaric rounds; sound terrifying!

I rather like the look of this tank. I’m all for modern interpretations of what our battlefield tech might look like and I can see the modern design here in the shape of the hull and the turret. It’s good to know even Aliens look to rolling armour for support on the battlefield.

What do you think – new or old?

"It's good to know even Aliens look to rolling armour for support on the battlefield..."