Khurasan Reveal Their 15mm Prehistoric Rhino Riders & Hunters

June 14, 2017 by brennon

If you’re looking to add to your collection of 15mm models with some Prehistoric warriors then how about these cavemen by Khurasan Miniatures?

Rhino Riders

Leading the way had to be these Rhino Riders, or as Khurasan refer to them, the Prehistoric Knights. Of course, the mounts themselves are probably more dangerous than the riders on the back of them thanks to those trampling hooves and horns.

Matched alongside them we have some Headhunters who have been told they can’t grow beards until they’ve taken a head in battle!


This then allows you to separate out the different units you have on the tabletop with some of them being your light skirmishing units, like these fellows, while others take on the role of burly front line troops.

What do you make of these 15mm warriors?

"...we have some Headhunters who have been told they can't grow beards until they've taken a head in battle!"