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Urban Horror Is Coming To Kickstarter In Wartorn’s Infernal

1 day ago 6

Unspeakable horror is making it’s way onto Kickstarter through a Kickstarter from Wartorn Games this May. Infernal will bring a skirmish level miniature game into a dark, urban setting for some scary fun!

Three New Animal Warriors Join Oathsworn’s Burrows & Badgers

3 days ago 2

More wild animals are added to the Vermin faction for Burrows & Badgers and they all look fantastic!

Resin Tanks In Manchuria From Trenchworx Ready To Roll

3 days ago 3

If you’re on the market to expand your tank collection, then you’ll want to check out the new Kickstarter from Trenchworx. They have a great range of 28mm, resin tanks ready to roll onto your tabletop.

Q&A Time With Ninja All-Stars – Find Out More About Gameplay!

5 days ago 6

We have another chat with the folks at Ninja Division about Ninja All-Stars as it heads towards it’s final week on Kickstarter. Don’t forget to help with the Public Beta Rules Test AND watch the Gameplay video within…

Must Have Game of Thrones Coins On Kickstarter

6 days ago 5

Now you can grab Game of Thrones Coins on Kickstarter! Fans can use these clever coins to represent tokens in games or for as fantastic collectors pieces to represent the houses that you love (or love to hate!).

Bane Beasts Are Back On Kickstarter

7 days ago 7

Care to bring some fantastic new creatures into your games? The Bane Beasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux Kickstarter by Mierce Miniatures has just the right things, starting with a stunning, fantasy phoenix and a mytical chimera.

Q&A Time – Lords Of War Elves Vs Lizardmen Magic & Monsters Kickstarter

8 days ago 3

Find out more about Black Box Games as they launch the Kickstarter for Lords of War with Elves Versus Lizardmen: Magic & Monsters. These guys are real home grown UK talent so take a look to see what’s in the future for them too!

New Mega Ninja All-Stars Stretch Goals & Public Beta Tests Available

9 days ago 9

See what’s in store for you if you help back the Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter as they power on towards more stretch goals. As well as that you can give them a hand testing out the rules with a Public Beta.

Mass Battle Warfare On Kickstarter With L4 Studios’ WarQuest

9 days ago 0

L4 Studios are going to Kickstarter to fund their Mass Battles game, WarQuest.

The Kickstarter For Oathsworn’s Burrows & Badgers Begins!

10 days ago 13

Oathsworn Miniatures have collected together a range of amazing looking heroes and villains for the world of Burrows & Badgers that is now LIVE on Kickstarter.

Last Day For Raging Heroes Toughest Girls: Light & Darkness Kickstarter

10 days ago 7

Raging Heroes are closing in on the final day of their Kickstarter Campaign for Light & Darkness and that means a whole host of freebie miniatures AND a mass of unlocked stretch goals.

Raging Heroes Unlock the Mighty Knights of the Chalice

12 days ago 4

Raging Heroes’ current Kickstarter has been a huge success and they have just unlocked a stretch goal bringing a new command group for the Sisters of Mercy.

Forge Father Steel Warriors Next Up For Deadzone Infestation Ending Soon

12 days ago 10

The Forge Fathers are getting some revamped reinforcements as the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter comes to a close today.

Learn Ninja All-Stars With New Gameplay Videos

13 days ago 2

Ninja All-Stars is continuing its success on Kickstarter, but now Ninja Division have published a series of gameplay videos to give you a taste of the game.

Fantasy Bookmarks For Players & DM’s on Kickstarter

13 days ago 0

Whether you read or play or run games, the Fantasy RPG Bookmark Kickstarter from Nord Games has the perfect accent for you. These bookmark sets are beautiful as well as functional with key headers on them to help you keep track of important pages in your books.