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Bombshell Shows Off Adorable Captain Kelpington

22 hours ago 0

Can you think of a reason not to have a pirate otter in your miniature collection? Me neither! Thankfully Bombshell Miniatures is on the same page as they are showing off Captain Kelpington from their recent Kritterkins Kickstarter.

Oathsworn Dungeon Delve With More Sensible Shoes Heroines

2 days ago 15

Continuing their theme of creating fantastic characters for your dungeon delving and skirmish games Oathsworn Miniatures have now launched Sensible Shoes II on Kickstarter.

Elements Clash As Imps Devilish Duels Comes to Kickstarter

2 days ago 0

A new card and dice game called Imps Devilish Duels has appeared on Kickstarter, putting players in control of teams of mystical Imps as they face elemental trials to see who will reign triumphant.

Heroes Battle The Hellephant In Massive Darkness Expansion

2 days ago 6

CMON has a very successful Kickstarter going on right now for Massive Darkness and they have added another expansion!

Antimatter Games Teases Art For Blood Reef Expansion

2 days ago 3

What happens when you take your average school of piranha and tech them out? You end up with some very scary and very strong robofish for the Ancients of Atalan of Deep Wars.

Rock Out In The Wasteland With New Modz Mutants By ThunderChild

4 days ago 1

The mind behind ThunderChild Miniatures’ Wasteman is back on Kickstarter with a small project that is looking to bring a series of crazy mutated creatures to the tabletop for your game.

Purgatory Shows Off New Concept Art For The Refugees Of Religion

4 days ago 0

There couldn’t be a war for Heaven without angels involved, and this week Underestimated games is showing off the elusive host for the Refugees of Religion. Penemue has all the beauty and grace you’d expect from an angel, down to her exquisite wings.

The Soul Train’s Mike Revealed For The Upcoming Game Purgatory

7 days ago 2

It turns out that singing it not the only thing the Soul Train’s, Mike, is good at in Purgatory. Have a look at another one of the fantastic miniatures Underestimated Games has brought forward for their upcoming Kickstarter.

The Duchess Gaming Table Breaks $1 Million Dollar Mark On Kickstarter!

7 days ago 3

I reported on this Kickstarter campaign when it first launched a couple of weeks back. A nice real wood recessed gaming table that can double as your dining room table for a very reasonable price.

Barbaric Splendor Looks Ahead To New Champions

9 days ago 2

The Barbaric Splendor team on Kickstarter are looking towards new champions to lead you into an age undreamed of.

Antimatter Games Shows Off Their Huge Shark From Blood Reef

9 days ago 4

If you ever wondered what a massive shark would look like in a 28mm miniature, then wonder no more! Antimatter Games are showing off their giant from the recent Deep Wars: Blood Reef Kickstarter.

Manorhouse’s 3D Bases & Modular Terrain Now On Kickstarter

9 days ago 9

Manorhouse Workshop have now begun their Kickstarter campaign where they look to creating 3D Bases & Modular Terrain/Tiles for your tabletops.

Wander Brings New Animal Adventurers To Kickstarter From Red Panda

10 days ago 6

A quirky animal warband has made their way onto Kickstarter from Red Panda Miniatures. Wander brings a variety of your favorite adventuring classes to life in 30mm-35mm scale to play in your tabletop miniature and board games.

Weekender XLBS: Making A Gamehacker Toolkit & Learning Lessons From Campaigns

Weekender XLBS: Making A Gamehacker Toolkit & Learning Lessons From Campaigns

12 days ago 47

Warren breaks out his Gamehacker
Toolkit for bodging your games
and we delve deeper into
crafting Wargaming Campaigns.

Evil Dead II Coming To The Tabletop In Board Game Form

14 days ago 6

Space Goat Games, as part of Space Goat Productions, are coming to Kickstarter soon to fund their tile based survival horror game based on the amazing Evil Dead II movie.