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Diehard’s Oldhammer Fantasy Kickstarter Begins

9 hours ago 2

Diehard Miniatures have now begun their Kickstarter project to raise money for a whole range of ‘Oldhammer’ style miniatures for use in your mass battle games and role-playing adventures. There are a good deal of their factions and models already sculpted and painted but they have plans for a lot more…

Dark Skies 1942 Arriving On Kickstarter From Resin Horse Games

14 hours ago 6

A new games company Resin Horse Games has gone to Kickstarter to release a new game, Dark Skies 1942, a dieselpunk game set in an alternative WWII universe.

Spellbook Gaming Boxes Are Perfect To Store Your MTG or RPG Bits

2 days ago 5

Elder Wood has a really great project on Kickstarter, Spellbook Gaming Boxes. These unique gaming boxes allow players to customize the look of their book and tailor it to whatever type of gaming they enjoy.

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing Using The Creature Feature Leopard Stencils

3 days ago 17

We’re taking a look at another of the HS Stencils from Anarchy Models today focusing on the Creature Feature Leopard Stencils from the new Kickstarter.

Dragonlock Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter Is Off & Running

3 days ago 7

Fat Dragon Games is looking to create a wonderful project for you to be able to print at home on your own 3D printer.

Mantic Close In On Final Few Days On Kickstarter For Warpath 2.0

4 days ago 8

Mantic are closing in on the final few days of their Kickstarter for Warpath 2.0 and it has been quite the frenetic campaign with a whole bunch of new factions entering the mix…

Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter To Launch In Upcoming Weeks

4 days ago 2

The world of Sword & Sorcery is 10 days away from Kickstarter and ARES Games and Gremlin Project have been showing off some of the beautiful minis that we can expect to see in the game. All your favorite dungeon delvers are ready to spring into action and claim victory in their quests!

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing With Micro Hex Grid Stencils

5 days ago 20

Brian has been in the studio showing off how Anarchy Models’ new Micro Hex Grids work with your airbrush to create amazing effects…

Get Drunk With Oathsworn’s Legless Nev The Weasel

6 days ago 4

Oathsworn Miniatures are coming up on the final day of their current Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter. With that in mind they’ve shown off a fantastic sculpt for Legless Nev The Weasel and shown off how they sculpted him too…

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone

7 days ago 462

We’re back with a jam
packed Weekender
where we dig into
some of the awesome
news that popped up
during the week.

Pathfinder & Q-Workshop Team Up For Steampunk Dice Kickstarter

8 days ago 1

You may not always win with your rolls, but you can certainly look amazing when you roll with the newest dice from Pathfinder & Q-Workshop. The Pathfinder & Q-Workshop Metal RPG Dice Set Kickstarter has a really lovely, steampunkish themed set of all metal dice that are sure to impress!

Ghetto Miniatures Close In On Last Three Days On Kickstarter

8 days ago 5

Ghetto Miniatures are closing in on their Kickstarter stretch goal for their new gang land skirmish game set in 1970′s New York. The game will provide you with a number of different gangs warring for control of the regions of the city. Are you interested in New York Bop…

Get High Tech Rolling With The Bots Battleground Boogie Dice

9 days ago 6

Want to take your dice to the next level? Bots Battleground- Boogie Dice Kickstarter brings lights, sound and motion to your dice through a new game designed to feature these high tech dice.

Ninja Division & Soda Pop Offer An Intro To Legends

10 days ago 5

Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are preparing for their next Kickstarter launch for the next chapter in Super Dungeon Explore and they are giving us a look on what we can expect.

The Asterians Drop Into The World Of Warpath

10 days ago 7

Mantic Games have added another army to their Warpath adventure on Kickstarter. See what you think of the alien forces of the Asterians that will be dropping in to face off against the Corporation, Forge Fathers, Veer-Myn and Plague…