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Roll To Success With Dungeon Dice Colosseum Expansion On Kickstarter

16 hours ago 0

Potluck Games is back on Kickstarter with an Expansion for their Dungeon Dice Game. Dungeon Dice: Colosseum, brings bigger baddies and even more fun to this fast paced, portable, dungeon crawler dice game.

Fantastic Token Options Keep Coming For The ModCube Kickstarter

19 hours ago 4

If you’re looking for a way to simplify the tokens required in your games, then look no further than the ModCube! This clever Kickstarter from 3DG offers the perfect solution to this problem-versatile enough for many, many games, and sturdy enough to throw in your dice bag and get playing!

Iron & Ale King Of The Keg Now Available

2 days ago 0

Iron & Ale, the Dwarven Drinking Game has released their first expansion set, King of the Keg. Can you handle the action?

Sultry Spies Are Taking Over Zero Agents Kickstarter From Avatar Games

2 days ago 13

The sultry ladies, Zero Agents, are taking over Kickstarter! Avatar Games’ fast paced, anime dice/card game is sure to entertain and has the funding to prove it.

Explore The Land Of Magic & Monsters In The Middara Kickstarter

3 days ago 2

Take your dungeon crawler to the next level with a choose your own adventure type, miniature boardgame, Middara! Succubus Publishing has raised the bar for dungeon crawlers by allowing a vast array of choices for customization in a campaign style game.

Stunning Maker House Miniatures 1/35th Scale Model Kits On Kickstarter

4 days ago 8

If it’s 1/35th scale models you fancy, then Maker House Miniatures have you covered with their latest Kickstarter: Military, Sci Fi and Fantasy Scale Model Miniatures. There’s a nice variety from all 3 genres, so hobbiests are bound to find an option that suits their interest.

Pulp Icona In The Cards From Topps In Mars Attacks Occupation

4 days ago 2

The Topps Company is bringing back the iconic feel of the 1960′s Mars Attacks trading cards in their current Kickstarter- Mars Attacks Occupation. These cards will have artwork reminiscent of the original series as well as creator autographs and hand sketch cards.

Feed Your Hungry Koalas In Karnivore Koala Kickstarter

4 days ago 1

In a distant future, we find a very hungry population of koalas, trying to survive in a post-eucalyptic world. Karnivore Koalas, by Voodoo Games, is a fast paced, funny, card & dice game where the first koala to prepare a 3 course meal wins!

Unique Muertos – Day Of The Dead Skull Dice On Kickstarter

5 days ago 4

For all the gamers and collectors that always choose the items with skulls…Kickstarter has the perfect project for you! MUERTOS-Day Of The Dead Skull Dice, are unique, custom dice that not only look great, but capture the skull theme perfectly.

Manage The Alien Threat In Project Elite Kickstarter From Artipia Games

5 days ago 4

Do you have the skill and nerve to perform under pressure, worthy to be part of Project: Elite? Artipia Games has a high intensity, cooperative boardgame in it’s last few days on Kickstarter, that’s sure to draw you in with it’s fast pace, frantic dice rolling mechanic.

Home Raiders Show Off Cleopetra & A Painted Corporal Balmuff

5 days ago 4

Vesper-On’s Home Raiders have shown off another bit of progress on the characters for their fun looking skirmish game. The two models in question are a look at the newly rendered Cleopetra and a painted version of Corporal Balmuff…

Will You Become The Hunter Or The Hunted?

6 days ago 3

There is a new miniatures based board game looking for funding on Kickstarter. Come check out The Hunters and find yourself fighting for survival in the future.

Broken Spirit Wargames Tell You Tales Of Dark Age Fantasy In Immortal

6 days ago 1

Broken Spirit Wargames hit Kickstarter looking for funding for their take on Dark Age Britain. Rival factions war and there are stalemates aplenty as everyone vies for control of the land. This is where the twist comes in and factions have called upon the Immortals, spirits of Good and Evil, to help swing the balance (they hope) in their favour.

Do Battle In The Forest With Wood Wars 3D On Kickstarter

6 days ago 2

A rather neat looking project which looks like it could be very neat for new and younger players to get into has popped up on Kickstarter. See what you think of Wood Wars 3D which is based on the original wargaming rules by H.G.Wells!

Blackout Board Game Offers Multiple Ways To Play On Kickstarter

7 days ago 9

Blackout: Journey into Darkness by Nevermore Toys and Richard T. Broadwater is a new adventure board game where you play a team of characters going into the Northern Wastes to kill beasts and seek out glory.