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Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon

Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon


This week, we talk Gangs of Rome from Footsore Miniatures and have a great Battle Foam Giveaway.

Beautiful Dragons Return To Kickstarter From Robert Burke Games


Robert Burke Games is back on Kickstarter with a wonderful new set of cards featuring the stunning art from Kerem Beyit. The Book of Dragons allows you to use this collection of amazing dragon cards to play over 18 different games.

Toy Vault Announce The Princess Bride is Coming to Kickstarter


Toy Vault are turning the cult classic movie The Princess Bride into an RPG and will be bringing it to Kickstarter later this month.

Mantic Games Add A Giant & Northern Warriors To Their Vanguard Kickstarter


With the final few days coming up for the Kings Of War: Vanguard Kickstarter by Mantic Games I thought I’d dip in and show off the awesome artwork for some of their stretch goals including this awesome Giant!

3D Print Your Wargame On Kickstarter With All Out War


Looking to print your own 3D wargame? Then take a look at All Out War-Battleground Volume 1 now on Kickstarter.

Battle Kiwi Brings Endor Terrain To Your Table On Kickstarter


Battle Kiwi has made it easier than ever to bring the look and feel of Endor to your tabletop. Their Endor- Tabletop Wargaming Terrain project is full of fantastic MDF terrain to set the perfect scene on the table.

New Campaign Supplement Pops Up For Hysterical’s Spitfyre


A new expansion has been added as a stretch goal to the Kickstarter campaign for Hysterical Games’ Spitfyre: Aerial Combat.

Weekender: Battle Systems' Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!

Weekender: Battle Systems’ Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!


It’s time to delve into The Weekender with some awesome interviews looking at Battle Systems’ Core Space, a new Sci-Fi skirmish game, and what lies ahead for Infinity with Carlos.

Miniature Building Authority Brings Shanty Town To Life


If you’ve gotten into modern wargaming recently, then you’ll be needing the perfect terrain to set the scene on the table and Miniature Building Authority has you covered. They’re Shanty Town project is live on Kickstarter now and full of all the buildings and incidentals you need to bring your table to life.

StudioLevel Take You To Bantam Alley With Their Resin Terrain


StudioLevel are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund the creation of some of their awesome resin terrain which would be perfect for your Post-Apocalyptic tabletops.

Mythic Games Prepare For The Apocalypse In Final Days For Joan Of Arc Kickstarter


With the Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc Kickstarter from Mythic Games coming to a close soon they have prepared for the Final Days with an Apocalypse of their own…

A Dragonborn & Tielfling Join Oathsworn’s New Kickstarter


Oathsworn have sculpted up some additional awesome models for their Heroines In Sensible Shoes III campaign.


Weekender: Total War Warhammer World Building & Warren Returns!


It’s time to get stuck back into The Weekender after a break for a few weeks and we also have the return of Warren to the fold!

Mantic Games Take Kings Of War: Vanguard To Kickstarter


Mantic Games are expanding on the world of Kings Of War with Vanguard, their new skirmish game, which is now available for you to support on Kickstarter.

Oathsworn Return To Kickstarter With More Heroines!


The life of an adventurer is varied and never dull. Oathsworn have returned to Kickstarter with Sensible Shoes III which brings more Heroines to the tabletop for your role-playing games.

Dark Tower Studios Shows Off Epic Scatter Terrain


Dark Tower Studios is making it even easier to set the perfect scene on the table for your games with their fantastic resin terrain.

WYSIWYGames Brings Apes To Essen!


WYSIWYGames is showing off their first resin minis for Planet of the Apes The Miniature Boardgame at Essen this week!

Ouroboros Is Bringing The Freak Circus To Kickstarter


Ladies and Gentlemen! Ouroboros Miniatures would like to direct your attention to a strange sight- The Freak Circus is heading to Kickstarter this November.

Active Minds Games Returns With The Ultra-Clear X-Case


Active Minds Games is back on Kickstarter with their new Ultra-Clear option for their fantastic X-Case. Now you can really give your minis the true display case feel without the weight and expense of glass.

Greebo Games Gives Something To Howl About With Fang ‘n Hood


You’ve never seen Little Red Riding Hood like this! Check out the fantastic alternative theme to Little Red Riding Hood in the Fang n’ Hood Kickstarter from Greebo Games.