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Trickerion Legends of Illusion Board Game is Live On Kickstarter

8 hours ago 0

The townspeople of Magoria are seeking a fantastic illusionist! Face off against other players as you fight for the title of Master of Illusion in the strategic board game on Kickstarter -Trickerion, Legends of Illusion, from Mindclash Games.

Impudent Mortal Offers Customization to Your Terrain With Pulp Decals

9 hours ago 2

Now you can give your city some added flavor with the cool terrain decals headed your way in Impudent Mortal’s upcoming Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter! Whether you approach it from an advertisement angle or you are trying to give it a run-down effect, these decals will give it the perfect finishing touch!

Check Out Sci-Fi Skirmish Game Terminus Gate On Kickstarter!

23 hours ago 3

See what you think of this new Sci-Fi skirmish game to hit Kickstarter that’s got a real sense of narrative and story telling woven into the gameplay and overall play experience. Terminus Gate looks pretty cool!

Interview With Paolo Parente & More Stretch Goals For Conan!

2 days ago 5

Loads of stretch goals and some awesome add-ons including the brilliant Paolo Parente’s version of the game featuring all new artwork for some of the characters!

Battle Roll Kickstarter – A Head To Head Dice Rolling Game

5 days ago 1

Game on the go with the new Kickstarter from How We Roll Games, Battle Roll! This custom dice game is fun and fast and can be played by anyone.

Scorpions Attack & Light The Way With Torches In Conan

6 days ago 2

See what you think of the Giant Scorpion coming to attack Conan and company on Kickstarter. What would you like to see them do next?

Daemons Take On X-Terra As New Titan Forge Kickstarter Launches

6 days ago 18

Daemonic Forces take on the marines of X-Terra as the Kickstarter from Titan-Forge launches. They’ve already broken through the target goal and they’re onto stretch goals soon.

Get In On Whole Sale Cat Carnage in Exploding Kittens Kickstarter!

6 days ago 9

A new card game has appeared on Kickstarter that appears to have everyone excited, having already gone over the £3,000,000 marker (at time of writing). It’s time for a game of Exploding Kittens!

Ghost Train Back On Kickstarter With Alternative Civil War 1861!

7 days ago 2

Head back in time and fight an Alternative Civil War with the North, South, Spanish and Natives all getting stuck in to this mix of science and magic on the battlefield.

Fantastic Dragon Art & Prototype Cards For Draco Magi On Kickstarter

7 days ago 1

Anyone that loves dragons and appreciates beautiful artwork will LOVE the Kickstarter from Robert Burke Games- The Forest & The Star Dragons. This project offers artwork for 2 stunning new dragons for the game Draco Magi.

Conan The Warlord Busts $1 Million Mark On Kickstarter [Update!]

8 days ago 29

Conan becomes a Warlord and Kerim Shah joins him in the battle against his numerous foes as the Kickstarter closes in on the $1 million mark. [Robert E. Howard Tribute joins the Stretch Goal list!]

Wild West Exodus Offers a Peek at the WIP for the Watcher’s Skinnies

8 days ago 2

Why take 2 guns into a battle when you can bring 4? Wild West Exodus thought the same thing which is why they released a picture of a WIP for the Watchers Skinnies! These aliens have a weapons system backpack to bring to the party!

More Heroes & Villains For Conan And Expansion Planned!

9 days ago 2

More villains, heroes and an entire expansion pop up for the Conan Kickstarter that is currently homing in on that insanely huge $1 million mark!

Impudent Mortal Brings More Gritty Terrain Pieces for Your Urban Table

9 days ago 5

Taking out the trash never looked so cool! Impudent Mortal has released a glimpse at the gritty dumpster terrain pieces offered in their upcoming Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter coming in February.

Fat Dragon’s Wilderness Adventure Begins on Kickstarter!

9 days ago 1

Fat Dragon Games’ latest Kickstarter project, the Wilderness Adventure range of printable terrain, is now up and looking for crowd funding.