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Diehard Miniatures Sculpt Up A Surly Dwarf Warrior

1 day ago 1

Diehard Miniatures are currently on Kickstarter looking for funding for their heroic 28mm range and one of their latest sculpts is for this surly Dwarf Warrior with axe and sword drawn ready to slay…

The Heroes Of Normadie: Strategic Resupply Kickstarter Is Go

2 days ago 2

Devil Pig Games has a great little project going to round out Heroes of Normandie collection. The Heroes of Normandie: Strategic Resupply features bonus content and unique storage components to house your war game.

Dabble In Necromancy With The Cadaver Card Game On Kickstarter

3 days ago 2

Care to dabble in some light-hearted necromancy (if there is is such a thing)? Triple Ace Games has a fast and fun, matching style card game-Cadaver- where players compete to raise the most corpses. You may even have to beg, borrow and steal to do it!

Make Money Sailing The High Seas In Privateers! Kickstarter

5 days ago 1

Be the captain of your very own ship in the fantastic board game, Privateers! The Golden Decade on Kickstarter right now. Battle against other captains and their ships. Buy, sell and trade to improve your ship and crew, but beware- the sea is not always kind.

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

6 days ago 259

Join us for a relaxing Sunday
morning with The Weekender
XLBS where we’re chatting
about the revival of Specialist
Games From Games
Workshop and more…

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Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground's Sci-Fi Buildings

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground’s Sci-Fi Buildings

7 days ago 390

Come and join us for an epic Weekender
where we’re talking Team Yankee &
4Ground Terrain AND giving away
some awesome prizes!

Escape The Sanatorium By Telling The Most Convincing Cthulhu Tales

8 days ago 3

Will you be able to convey your sanity to escape the sanitorium, in spite of the terrifying madness of your story? The Cthulhu Tales Kickstarter from Cubicle 7 allows players to enjoy the madness and creativity of Cthulhu in a storytelling card game.

Get Into The Headspace Of The Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter

9 days ago 2

The Mindjammer RPG is back on Kickstarter looking for funding for a new sourcebook to be presented as both a PDF and in print next year.

Zenit Hints At Offerings For Their Upcoming Kickstarter For Kensei

11 days ago 2

Zenit Miniatures is going to Kickstater later this month and they have been giving us hints to what will be included.

Revive Alkemy With New Kickstarter Campaign

12 days ago 4

The minds behind the Alkemy Miniatures Game are reviving the world, models and more with a Kickstarter Campaign which focuses on bringing this small scale Fantasy game to a whole new audience.

Upgrade Your Gaming Loot With Pirate Coins On Kickstarter

12 days ago 3

Any good pirate knows they will command more respect according to the treasure they acquire. Infinity Plus One’s latest Kickstarter, Pirate Coins: Tabletop Gaming Upgrade offers fantastic pirate coins to use in your pirate gaming endeavors.

Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter Launches Today!

12 days ago 5

Cool Mini or Not is hitting Kickstarter again to bring the next chapter to Arcadia Quest to life and it starts today!

Kickstarter Watch – Wargaming Movies, Picking Locks & Ninja RPGS!

14 days ago 9

We take a look at a handful of awesome Kickstarter campaigns that we’ve spotted this week including Dice, Card Games, RPGs and even a Movie too…

Dead Earth Games’ Stag & Bear Rider Kickstarter Going Well

14 days ago 2

Dead Earth Games have gone ahead and smashed their target funding goal for the Stag & Bear Riders for use within their Fantasy world of The Shattered Crown or whenever else you’d like to use them!

Defend The Space Station In Hawk Wargames’ Dropfleet Commander

15 days ago 6

Hawk Wargames have shown off some more concept work for another of the upcoming model kits for Dropfleet Commander, the Space Station AND a big Kickstarter Exclusive in the 2-Up UCM Beijing Class Battleship…