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Review Time! Food Truck Champion By Daily Magic Games

44 mins ago 0

We check out the beer and pretzels style card game, Food Truck Champion from Daily Magic Games, soon looking for funding on Kickstarter!

Titan-Forge’s Dragon Empire Army Grows On Kickstarter

45 mins ago 0

Titan-Forge is currently on Kickstarter looking to fund their Dragon Empire Army which will bring together a mighty Fantasy army based on different elements of Asian mythology.

The Spanish Have Joined British VS Pirates On Kickstarter

4 hours ago 0

More enemies of the pirates are heading our way as the Spanish have been added to the British vs. Pirates Kickstarter! Now you can add even more beautiful art and characters to your game with the latest add on option.

Panzer Orders A WWII Card Game Hits Kickstarter

7 hours ago 1

There is a new WWII-themed card game on Kickstarter called Panzer Orders.

The Mighty Ajax Unlocked For Luxumbra’s Kickstarter

22 hours ago 3

If you’ve not been following along with the Luxumbra Kickstarter, aiming to bring a range of busts and larger scales models to the tabletop, then you’ll want to get stuck in. They have just unlocked Infinity’s Ajax!

Hyacinth Games Adds A Sweet Ride To Swag Bags At AdeptiCon!

1 day ago 1

Not only are vehicles becoming available for the game, Wreck Age, one will be added to 1500 of the coveted Swag Bags at Adepticon! Hyacinth Games will have their Vehicle Kickstarter live at that time, and how better to spark excitement than by offering a glimpse at the goods?

PRINT THE LEGEND: A Tabletop RPG Of The American Southwest

1 day ago 1

There is a new RPG coming to town on the high noon Kickstarter train, PRINT THE LEGEND: A Tabletop RPG of the American Southwest.

Palladium Books Post Terrible News Regarding Carmen Bellaire

1 day ago Comments Off

We have learned some very sad news regarding Carmen Bellaire.

Chester/Choronzon Takes Form For Mythos & Shattered Earth

2 days ago 2

What’s not to love about a character written into two different games? That’s exactly what the guys from Paranoid Miniatures and Massive Awesome thought when they came up with the character Chest/Choronzon for Mythos and Shattered Earth.

Union Soldiers In Great Coats March Into Kickstarter

2 days ago 3

ACW Gamer: Ezine is hitting Kickstarter to bring forth troops in Great Coats.

Underestimated Games Shows Off Some Sneak Peeks For Purgatory

2 days ago 3

The world of Purgatory from Underestimated Games is quickly filling up with new and interesting different faces. This week we’ve gotten a look at some alternate art and sneak peek work in progress concepts!

Paranoid Shared A “Little” Something For The Wildborn Of Mythos

5 days ago 6

Paranoid Miniatures has dropped pictures of two more of the miniatures for the Lovecraftian world of Mythos. Have a look at the “meek and mild,” Molly of the Hidden Ones and the most impressive, Goat, of the Wildborn.

Wonderlands’ Mauser Earth Project Back On Kickstarter

6 days ago 18

The Wonderlands Project team are back on Kickstarter looking to bring their Mauser Earth: War For Paris game to the tabletop. The game features 54mm scale Pulpy Steampunk models which look fantastic.

DGS Games Returns To Kickstarter For The Eclipse Sisterhood!

6 days ago 3

DGS Games the creators of Freeblades is bringing forth some really strong women looking to kick some serious butt.

Printable Scenery Is Returning To Kickstarter To Bring Us A Castle

7 days ago 6

Printable Scenery is going to Kickstarter soon to get help to expand their Rampage Terrain System.