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Miniature13 Sci-Fi Hero Kickstarter Ending Soon!

6 hours ago 1

Miniature13 are entering the final few days on Kickstarter and with that come a few more unlocks and another exclusive model. Check out the pledge levels here too!

Designing A Dungeon? Dungeon Architect Cards Are Here To Help

2 days ago 0

An interesting project has popped up on Kickstarter for all those dungeon adventurers out there.

Ragnarök Strikes! Blood Rage Coming To Kickstarter March 2nd!

3 days ago 33

Ragnarök is on the horizon as on March 2nd 2015 Blood Rage from the combined forces of Guillotine Games and Studio McVey will launch on Kickstarter.

Menhir Games Ready To Launch Second Fantasy Champions Kickstarter!

3 days ago 4

See what you think of this preview for an upcoming Kickstarter where they take established fantasy races and tie them into lost and obscure cultures from history!

Subways Added For Impudent Mortal’s Warehouse District Kickstarter

4 days ago 2

More good stuff has been added to Impudent Mortal’s Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter! The latest stretch goal is an awesome subway entrance to add even more character to your urban tabletop.

Sci-Fi RPG Faith Does Away with Pen and Paper!

5 days ago 39

A new scifi RPG has appeared on Kickstarter with an interesting gameplay mechanic that does away with the traditional focus on pen, paper and dice.

Watchful I Studio Announces Presence at Adepticon in March

6 days ago 1

If you’re in the neighborhood for Adepticon next month, you can stop by and say hi to Watchful I Studio. They will be joining the con this year and previewing their new line for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Black Wasp Upgrades Bases In Upcoming Warbands Kickstarter

7 days ago 1

Black Wasp Games is already offering a nice little perk to gamers who order miniatures in their upcoming Warband Kickstarter. Now mini’s ordered through the project will get base upgrades to these sweet forest bases!

Take Your Dungeon Crawl on a Fantasy/Pulp Adventure With Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter

9 days ago 3

Acheson Creations has a cool little terrain project out on Kickstarter right now that may just make for the perfectly pulpy spin on your dungeon crawl. Dungeon Worlds is 28mm, plastic terrain that comes as an assortment of tiles that you can set up in any manner you wish to give your heros the perfect quest they have been looking for.

The Confederate Rebellion Travel Heavy in Wild West Exodus’ Upcoming Kickstarter

9 days ago 19

March 1st is right around the corner, which means Wild West Exodus’ Unfinished Business Kickstarter will go live! As if the new factions aren’t incentive enough, the stretch goals just sweeten the deal with the Mole Machine heavy for the Confederate Rebellion!

Make Your Dice Your Own With Halfsies Dice Kickstarter

10 days ago 5

Everyone knows that you roll better with your “special” dice. Your options just opened up with the new Halfsies Dice Kickstarter out right now! Dual colored, pearlish dice in a variety of colors are sure to increase your odds of success- or at least make the bad rolls more tolerable.

DS’tone Art Come Down To Earth For New Gaming Mat Kickstarter

10 days ago 2

See what you think of the DS’tone Gaming Mats that are currently up on Kickstarter in an effort to give more variety to your earth-based wargaming.

Red Box Back On Kickstarter To Rally Their Barbarian Horde!

10 days ago 5

Red Box Games and Tre Manor leap back onto Kickstarter and blow the rallying horn of the HelsVakt as they summon more evil barbarians to their cause!

Spartan Take Their Kickstarter to Ancient Greece with New Models

11 days ago 15

Spartan Games are throwing some minis into the mix of their modular terrain Kickstarter as they bring out new add ons all themed around the classical mythology of ancient Greece.

Wild West Exodus Unfinished Business

Pledge Levels For Wild West Exodus Unfinished Business & Themed Week!

11 days ago 14

Not only are Wild West Exodus coming to Kickstarter with some Unfinished Business on March 1st but there is a themed week starting right here on Beasts of War next Monday 23/2/2015!