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Q&A Time With Raging Heroes – Light & Darkness Kickstarter

48 mins ago 0

We got a chance to sit down with Benoit Guerville, the Art Director behind Raging Heroes and the new Light & Darkness Kickstarter to get the low down on where they are with Kickstarter right now.

Fancy Building New Car Wars Arenas With Steve Jackson Games?

7 hours ago 6

Will you help bring some more maps and extras to the Car Wars world thanks to Steve Jackson Games and their new Kickstarter?

New Veer-Myn Weapons & More Heroes For Mantic’s Deadzone: Infestation

9 hours ago 1

See how the various factions for Deadzone are expanding with some new units for the Plague, Asterians and Veer-Myn over on Kickstarter.

Sector Commander from Grenzer Games Hits Kickstarter

19 hours ago 2

Grenzer Games has taken to Kickstarter to bring the game Sector Commander to life.

The Witchborn Offers a Twist To RPG/Miniature Gaming

20 hours ago 3

Fans of the rich storytelling worlds of RPG’s will love the successful Kickstarter, The Witchborn. All of your favorite characters go on fantastic questing adventures and death is no longer the end. You don’t die, you become The Witchborn.

WWX: Unfinished Business Kickstarter A Success!

1 day ago 8

Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business ends very soon, in fact there’s only minutes left of this Kickstarter! You can head on over now and hopefully get in on the pledges as it comes to an end bringing four new factions to the game…

Last Few Hours For The Edge Kickstarter So Get Pledging!

1 day ago 4

See what’s in store for backers of The Edge Kickstarter as it comes towards it’s final few hours on Kickstarter!

Stunning Step By Step Demo Game Instructions Available For Journey!

3 days ago 17

Marrow has released a stunning, full color demo rule book to give gamers a feel for how Journey plays. The demo set is available for download right now to get you up to speed before your game arrives.

Stunning Dragon Playmats & Table Mats Available On Kickstarter

4 days ago 6

Now you can order the beautiful art from Draco Magi to decorate and protect your table. The Dragon Playmats and Tablemats Kickstarter is available right now from Robert Burke Games.

Goo Spitters & Snarling Beasts For The Veer-Myn Of Deadzone

4 days ago 11

The Enforcers have been getting a lot of reinforcements when it comes to Deadzone: Infestation but now it’s the time of the Veer-Myn with deadly weapons and scything claws.

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Chat & Warlords New Plastic Stug!

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Chat & Warlords New Plastic StuG!

5 days ago 392

Kicking things off we should note
that you can win yourself a
copy of the Batman
Miniatures Game Rulebook
from Knight Models by
commenting on
this post!

Fight the War in the Pacific in 28mm Kickstarter By Wartime Miniatures

5 days ago 3

Wartime Miniatures has anew Kickstarter to bring your miniature gaming to the Pacific. The War in the Pacific: 28mm WWII SNLF & IJA offer lines in both forces to bring your game to life.

Q&A Time With The MYTH: Journeyman Team!

5 days ago 5

We got some time to quiz the folks on the Megacon Games team about their MYTH: Journeyman Kickstarter as it comes to a close over the weekend! Find out more within…

Take Control Of Your Dungeon With the Dungeonmancer Kickstarter

6 days ago 2

Take your dungeon terrain to the next level with the innovative magnet terrain system, Dungeonmancer, by Joe Aaron on Kickstarter. Now you can have single build, diorama style terrain pieces and retain flexibility with your dungeon.

The Purge Doctor Will See You Now For The Edge Kickstarter

The Purge Doctor Will See You Now For The Edge Kickstarter

6 days ago 3