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Play Fantasy Football In Style With Pro Box By Iron Golems

1 hour ago 1

Iron Golems have taken to Kickstarter with a rather nifty looking product called the Pro Box. This allows you to transport your Fantasy Football teams around and then set up a brilliant pitch for you to play out your latest game…

Dishdash Games Is Working On Campaign Supplement Skirmish Afrika

7 hours ago 1

Dishdash Games (former Radio Dishdash Publishing) has teamed up with Miniature Building Authority to create a new campaign supplement to go along with MBA’s new minis.

An Interesting Character Unites Mythos & Shattered Earth

7 hours ago 1

Paranoid Miniatures and Massive Awesome have united to bring a truly unique character into existence. Chester Barreman and the demon that possesses him, Chronzon.

Paranoid Shows Off Redesign Of The Guardian For The Custos Crypta

2 days ago 4

Paranoid Miniatures has net their funding goal for their Lovecraftian masterpiece, Mythos, but there’s always room for more unlocks! While exploring those, they went back to the drawing board to resculpt the Guardian of the Custos Crypta to offer a bit more stability for the big guy.

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes - How Often Should They Happen?

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes – How Often Should They Happen?

3 days ago 61

Welcome Backstage as we
sit down and relax with
The Weekender XLBS.
We’re discussing how
often rules should be
changing in your

Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

4 days ago 84

Join us for The Weekender as we Unbox Deadzone 2nd Edition AND give you a chance to win a mega Aether Captains prize!

CMON’s Rum & Bones Second Tide Is Complete But It’s Not Too Late To Join!

5 days ago 2

Cool Mini or Not’s (CMON) latest Kickstarter has come to an end, but do not despair if you missed out as there is still time to get in and make a pledge to get all the lovely goodness!

DGS Shows Off The Sculpt For The Azarim Scout

5 days ago 1

DGS Games is showing off a sculpt from their recently successful Kickstarter, Traazorite Crusaders. The Azarim Scout is ready to spring into action in your Freeblades game.

Soulspryte Studios Bust Onto Kickstarter With Bloodstone Frontier

6 days ago 13

Soulspryte Studios are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their ‘Pioneer-punk’ Wild West game called Bloodstone Frontier…

Kritterkins Is Funded – Next Up, A Salty Sea Otter!

6 days ago 2

If you’re on the market for a pirate sea otter, then look no further. Bombshell Miniatures’ latest Kickstarter, Kritterkins, is funded and busting through stretch goals. Bring on the Kritter cuteness!

Purgatory’s War For Heaven Is Coming to Kickstarter This October

6 days ago 5

Underestimated Games made a huge announcement yesterday, that they will be taking their creative world of Purgatory to Kickstarter in October of 2016! Keep an eye out for more great things from them over the next months and in the mean time, have a look through the brilliant art book they brought to Salute.

A World Of Fantasy Buildings For Tabletop Gaming Comes To Kickstater

7 days ago 4 has launched a lovely fantasy terrain Kickstarter to fill your table with buildings. Their project, A World of Fantasy Buildings For Tabletop Gaming, will offer a range of terrain that has all the details of one of a kind, handmade terrain, straight out of the box.

DUST Operation Babylon Kickstarter Update

8 days ago 11

Paolo Parente has posted an update regarding the Operation Babylon Kickstarter.

Bombshell Has Dropped Cuteness On Kickstarter With Kritterkins

8 days ago 2

If you love the idea of an animal warband, you really need to have a look at the latest Kickstarter from Bombshell Miniatures. Kritterkins- Animal Character Miniatures, features a fanciful collection of the cutest, Asian flair minis to add to your collection.

Firelock Games Closing In On New Stretch Goals In Blood & Plunder

9 days ago 3

This Historical pirate game is looking like it could be a sure fire hit with some great mechanics and some ace miniatures…