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Dead Earth Games Kick Off Shattered Crown Fundraiser

8 hours ago 3

Dead Earth Games have started their Shattered Crown Fundraiser on Kickstarter. This game, based in reality but with a fantasy edge, pits two rival nations against each other for command of the land. Infantry, heroes and more are coming as this project gets funded…

Play An Epic Game At A Tiny Scale With 6mm Star Legion Kickstarter

15 hours ago 8

There is a new Kickstarter in progress that is offering Sci-fi warfare in 6mm, called Star Legions from Bradley Miniatures.

No Change In Scale For Robotech Tactics

17 hours ago 9

Palladium Books made an announcement regarding the scale of their game Robotech RPG Tactics.

Win All 4 Demigods Painted

Demigods Evolution Demo Game + Win All 4 Demigods Painted

18 hours ago 139

Epix Haven Miniature Terrain Kickstarter Takes Your Gaming To Another Level

2 days ago 7

Epix Haven has a fantastic Kickstarter going right now that offers you ready to play, out of the box, resin terrain. Their Epix Haven Miniature Terrain For RPG & Miniature Games has multi-level, lift off sections for you to game the inner workings of the buildings!

Atlantis Miniatures Releases More Pictures Of What Is to Come

2 days ago 4

Atlantis Miniatures is giving another look at some upcoming releases for their Kickstarter.

Make The Tough Choices In The Conflicted: Deck 5 Desolation Kickstarter

3 days ago 2

How well do you really know your friends? Well enough to do anything for them, or maybe just well enough to leave in the dust as a snack for a zombie hoard? Make the hard decisions amongst friends in the Conflicted: Deck 5 Desolation Kickstarter.

Check Out New Boutique Miniatures Makers Hobgoblins Hoard

4 days ago 3

Hobgoblins Hoard are on Kickstarter looking for funding to get their new line of 32mm scale boutique miniatures out there into the world. Two of the examples so far are the Er’Eli Guardian and the Wasteland Survivor…

DGS Offer A Glimpse Of WIP Winged Ventarx For Their Kickstarter

5 days ago 1

One of the new Creatures of Faelon is spreading his wings and ready to fly into battle! DGS Games has Patrick Keith hard at work on Ventarx for their current Freeblades: Creatures of Faelon Kickstarter.

Demigods Evolution Sculpt Up Israfel – Angel Of Song

5 days ago 2

Based on the Angelarium Kickstarter project Demigods Evolution have sculpted up Israfel, the Angel of Song for their Kickstarter campaign. She will now be available as a character for the game and she’s looking neat…

Dead Earth Games’ Shattered Crown Launches Friday 8pm BST

5 days ago 1

Dead Earth Games’ The Shattered Crown is going to be releasing on Kickstarter this Friday at 8pm. If you’re interested in this mythical fantasy world set within a world much like our own then keep an eye on Kickstarter…

Make Your Own Custom Decals From Fallout Hobbies

5 days ago 2

Fallout Hobbies are on Kickstarter right now looking to bring you your own Custom Decals so you can turn any design into something they can simply print off and then attach to your buildings, tanks and more…

Tortured Souls Are Closing In As Infernal Kickstarter Enters Final Days

6 days ago 2

The countdown is on, and the Infernal Kickstarter has entered it’s final few days on Kickstarter. If you’re looking for a terrifying miniature game with a gruesome storyline, then Infernal may be exactly what you are looking for.

Upgrade Your Gaming Tokens With The Master Of Coin Kickstarter

7 days ago 1

Why use cardboard gaming tokens when you could use beautiful, weighted metal tokens? Whether a gamer or collector – or both, Infinity Plus One has a great new Kickstarter project.

Check Out More Of The Alternative Sculpts For Demigods Evolution

Check Out More Of The Alternative Sculpts For Demigods Evolution

8 days ago 3

Demigods Evolution is knocking down Stretch
Goals on Kickstarter and so they’ve shown us
some of the fantastic alternatives you can use
when you build your heroes and warriors for
the game. See what you think of a selection
of them here…