The Final Frontier Comes to the Table on New Mats On Kickstarter

July 11, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Space mat

While perusing Kickstarter (one of my favorite, new, expensive hobbies), I came upon some really cool new game mats for our space themed games. Spaceship Tactical Combat Play Mats by Richard Knowles of RTK Limited, offer a variety of scenes in different sizes to accomodate 2-4 player games. The 2 player mats are 38×46 inches and the 4 player mats are 74×46 inches.

Galaxy mat

It’s always awesome to build an epic table from scratch, but there is something to be said for quick, easy, and portable- not to mention ease of storage. If your hobby room looks anything like mine, then space (every pun intended) is at a premium and the ability to store things in a compact manner is always desirable.

Space Mats collage

Will you be making “space” on your tables for these mats?

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