Powered Play Declares Let There Be LED Light!

April 8, 2013 by dracs

In the past we have loved showing off the great miniatures people have made, incorporating lights and sounds to bring them to life, but we have always thought such things beyond us. Now Powered Play are starting a kickstarter to hopefully allow us to do the same.

Powered Play Product Display

The idea behind this kickstarter is to create a product which allows those of us who aren’t exactly the most technically minded to achieve those great LED light effects we have seen people sporting on their miniatures.

Powered Play Build

Powered Play Components

“We’ve come up with a modular kit that lets you only have to worry about where you want to run the effects. Simply drill your holes, run the wires and plug it in. This design puts the control and creative decisions in your hands. You can do what you want with your models, where you want it, with the colors and effects of your choice.”

Powered Play Product

This kit is certainly an interesting idea. It is true that most of us probably don’t have the skill or time needed to fully wire up a light show for our miniatures, so this kickstarter could make such effects more accessible.

What are your thoughts? Is this a useful product, or is it simply unneeded?