Sculpting Updates Arrive For Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Project

May 31, 2017 by brennon

The world of Kingdom Death: Monster is coming back to the tabletop once again with its 1.5 Edition and that means new sculpts, new horrors and of course some fantastic characters too. Here’s a look at some of the latest models coming to life for this world of horror…

Oblivion Mosquito

First off we just had to show you this fantastic monster that is disgusting and beautiful at the same time. The Oblivion Mosquito above is a mass of spindly limbs and grasping hands, mixed with that bulbous base that adds to the creep factor even more.

I think the moth-like antennae are great and help act as almost a crown to this strange creation.

Apotheosis Comes

At the pinnacle of their design and power, we also have the Apotheosis, a man at the peak of his physical power. You can see how they have really drawn on anime influences here with this model; he’d so be the main bad guy in some story or other.

Male Apotheosis

This is then matched with the Pin-Up version of the Apotheosis if you prefer that style instead.

Apotheosis Pin-Up

They are dabbled with a couple of variants it seems with a few head options to give her a mask. While the Pin-Up range isn’t particularly for me I think they’ve done a great job expanding on this range for collectors and hobbyists.

Heroes Or Villains?

Last but not least we take a look at some of the other characters coming to life for Kingdom Death and begin with Lantern Year Three Candy & Cola here.

Lantern Year Three Candy & Cola

She looks like she’s a bit more of a veteran of the darkness now, scarred and battered as she is. However, despite that, she still appears to be soldiering on with her faithful pet by her side.

Maybe she’ll also run into the Leyline Walker on her travels?

Leyline Walker

It looks like this particular female character might have taken a few cues from the caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland. I don’t think smoking away like that is going to help your mind when you’re off traversing the weirdness of Kingdom Death: Monster.

What do you make of the new sculpts and did you back the 1.5 Edition?

"I don't think smoking away like that is going to help your mind when you're off traversing the weirdness of Kingdom Death: Monster..."