Beta Rules For Kings Of War: Vanguard Available Now!

February 12, 2018 by thisisazrael

Mantic Games have just released some Beta rules for their latest game Kings of War: Vanguard.

Kings of War Vanguard

Rob from Mantic wrote:

“The main rules are pretty much locked down at this point so only some clarifications or minor edits are expected or required.”

“The playtest scenario is the same as the one in the Alpha – it’s simple and is useful for balancing the forces. The other scenarios that will appear in the book will be tested once initial balancing work has been done on the faction lists.”

“The main goal of the beta at this point is to get the balance and points values right for all the core units in the lists, plus make sure all abilities are useful. We’ve included a smattering of command, support models etc. If a warband is hard to build due to the units we’ve made available, let us know and we’ll juggle things around.”

For now, the beta is focused on the basic army lists that will appear in the book for each faction. The full lists will then be tested once the core elements have been and points values etc. have been balanced between and within the factions.

If you’d like to take part the best way is to head over to the Mantic Forums and create your own Batrep, Discussion or Suggestion threads. Beta rules for all the basic factions, FOURTEEN IN TOTAL(!), plus rules and scenarios and details about how you can provide feedback are available over on the Mantic Blog.

We’re also able to reveal a previously unseen render for a brand new Northern Alliance Thegn.

Kings of War Vanguard Northern Alliance Thegn Render

This is an amazing looking figure, full of power and ferocity!

Kings of War Vanguard Northern Alliance Thegn Render

The details on the fur and in particular the characters expression are really great.

If you haven’t seen the game yet, you can check out our pre-Beta Let’s Play below.

KOW Vanguard Lets Play

Watch Our Let’s Play

Are you excited to try Kings of War: Vanguard?

"If you haven't seen the game yet, you can check out our pre-Beta Let's Play..."