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Mantic’s Incredible Crazy Box Is Almost Gone!

5 days ago 2

Mantic’s Crazy Box is just about gone for another year. This weekend is your last chance to grab one.

Mantic Games Get You Started For KoW Clash Of Kings 2015!

43 days ago 1

Gather your forces and head to battle as Clash of Kings 2015 begins to kick off across the UK this year with the support of Mantic Games.

Mantic’s Kings Of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter Over! [Update!]

94 days ago 16

Check out how some of the upcoming add-ons and pledges are looking as the Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter finishes. Entire armies, a new rulebook and plenty more to look forward to!

Weekender: Ronnie Renton Talks Kings Of War & More!

Weekender: Ronnie Renton Talks Kings Of War & More!

96 days ago 262

On this episode of The Weekender
we have one of our favourite
guests, Ronnie Renton! He’s
dropped by to talk about the
Kings of War Kickstarter,
DreadBall, Dungeon Saga,
Deadzone and even a little
bit about Warpath
for next year!

Abyssals & Elven Shamblers Up Next For Kings Of War

100 days ago 2

New stretch goals and plenty of awesome add-ons for the Kings of War Kickstarter by Mantic Games!

New Kings Of War Units & A Worldwide Campaign Is Set!

104 days ago 5

See what Mantic Games has in store for you with a whole bunch of new heroes and villains on the way alongside the potential of new units AND a worldwide campaign!

Tyrant King Blaine Mounts Up on Kings of War Kickstarter

106 days ago 4

A new Kickstarter exclusive has been unlocked for Kings of War, a tyrant and disgraced warlord who is now ready to ride out upon his monstrous beast. Cower before Tyrant King Blaine on Gramakh!

What To Look Forward To With Kings Of War 2nd Edition!

108 days ago 12

Sam Phillips takes a look at the latest Kickstarter from Mantic Games for Kings of War and talks about what he’s hoping for with the 2nd Edition and how that big world changing wargaming will go! What are you looking forward to with this new edition?

Tyrant King Blaine Roars Into The Kings Of War Kickstarter

108 days ago 6

See what Blaine has been up to as he appears in the Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook Kickstarter from Mantic Games.

Weekender: KoW Kickstarter & Batman Miniatures Game!

Weekender: KoW Kickstarter & Batman Miniatures Game!

110 days ago 100

Welcome to another episode of
The Weekender where we’re
sitting in the wake of a pretty
fantastic Kings of War 2nd
Edition Rulebook
Kickstarter that’s kicked
off and already blasted
throughit’s stretch

Mantic Set the Date for Their Kings of War Kickstarter

Mantic’s Kings Of War Kickstarter Stretch Goals Summon Abyssals!

111 days ago 34

Mantic Games’ Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter
has gone live and it’s already met its
funding goal in around 5 minutes!

Come and check out what’s on offer
right now including stretch goals!

The Tyrant of Halpi Raises Its Head in Mantic’s Dungeon Saga

114 days ago 0

Mantic Games have continued working on Dungeon Saga and now have given us a look at their progress on the Tyrant of Halpi.

Ronnie & Mantic Talk Kings Of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

120 days ago 13

Kings of War is coming back soon through another Kickstarter campaign by Mantic Games. Do you think you’ll be pledging for the 2nd Edition rules?

Mantic Hints Towards Upcoming Kickstarters And Others.

123 days ago 21

Mantic Games is hinting at upcoming projects. Are you as excited as I am about the possibilities?

Are Dragons the Next Danger in Kings of War?

127 days ago 8

Over on their Facebook, Mantic have asked players what new unit they would like to see in their Kings of War army and have published a picture of the fantasy genre’s most famous monster. Here be dragons!