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Creatures Of All Elements Join Kings Of War’s Forces Of Nature

28 days ago 28

UPDATED – Mantic Games have called forth the elements with new fiery Salamanders and watery Naiads joining forces with the creatures of the forest for the Forces of Nature…

Weekender: Tanks Galore & Chatting My Little Pony With Alessio

Weekender: New GF9 Tanks Game First Look & Hasbro My Little Pony RPG Interview

48 days ago 92

Welcome to The Weekender
where we’ve got some
interesting and quirky stuff
to talk about. That means
Tanks and…wait for it,
My Little Pony!

Mantic Create New Free Army Lists For The Abyss & Forces Of Nature

49 days ago 11

Mantic Games have now added two more Free Army Lists to their website for download to support the Forces of the Abyss and the Forces of Nature in Kings of War.

Conquering Kings of War: Playing The Orc Faction

49 days ago 6

Hey guys, today we’re taking a look at the Orcs in Kings of War by Mantic Games.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS: Beating The Orcs To The Punch

49 days ago 3

As you may have seen, the Orc Faction have been drilling through our armies in the Frontstage Show, however I’ve brought out my prized Dwarf unit, the Brock Riders!

Exclusive! Forces Of Nature Centaurs Charge Out For Kings Of War

53 days ago 11

Mantic Games have shared with us some exclusive looks at what’s on the horizon for The Forces Of Nature in Kings of War. We’ve been given a sneaky look at a new metal kit which will make Centaur Striders & Hunters…

Weekender XLBS: The 2015 Awards Breakfast

Weekender XLBS: The 2015 Awards Breakfast

61 days ago 48

Mantic Preview Some Upcoming Kings Of War Units

63 days ago 35

Mantic Games have ducked and dived their way through the undead hordes to show off some of what’s coming for Kings of War over the next few months.

Conquering Kings Of War – Legions Tactics

91 days ago 5

We’re back with Rich from Mantic talking about how to play with your Legions in Kings of War. These units are a massive hammer blow to the opponent but they can be trapped and draw a lot of fire from the enemy.

Conquering Kings Of War XLBS – Dealing With A Legion

91 days ago 0

So we’ve looked at how to play using Legions in Mantic Games’ Kings of War but how do you deal with them when you face them across the field of battle?

Ironheart Artisans Releases New Magic Item & Spell Tokens

91 days ago 2

Ironheart Artisans have released a couple of nice accessories for Kings of War. Any player of the game should definitely take a look at these.

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?

117 days ago 87

Welcome Backstage as we get stuck
into the Weekender XLBS where we
give you another dose of our wit and
sage knowledge. Well…we like to
think it’s helpful anyway!

Weekender: Mantic's Ronnie Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets

Weekender: Mantic Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets

118 days ago 288

Conquering Kings of War – Flying Troop Tactics

119 days ago 2

We take to the skies of Mantica as we look at how you can use flying troops to your advantage in your games of King of War. Utilise your wings to leap over troops to tackle them from all angles.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Downing Airborne Opponents

119 days ago 3

If you’re having difficulties tackling flying troops in your games of Kings of War help is at hand as we show you how you may be able to stop them, including Justin’s tried and true tactic… “Berserkers in the butt”.